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Wedding Trend: Bicycles

My friend’s sister-in-law just got engaged.  I’m so excited coz they’re also planning to get married in Rhode Island.  The couple are cyclers and they recently rode in France.  So my friend thought it would be great to incorporate bicycles into her wedding.  As soon as I’ve heard, I went on to create an inspiration board.

Wedding Trend: Bicycle Inspiration Board

Photo Credits: Bride and Groom photo by Michele M. Waite; Ring photo by The Quintessential Image; Save The Date from Etsy seller Cheerupcherup; Invitation from Weddingbee Pro; Canvas bag from Etsy seller The Bold Banana; Bicycle Decor from Elizabeth Anne Designs; Bicycle Basket from Poppy Talk; Bicycle from Etsy Seller The World in a Matchbox; Bride and Groom on Ice Cream Bike from Viva Street; Bike Cake Charm from Wedding Cake Charms; Cake Topper from Fancy Flours

And here’s an Anthropolgie Vintage Bicycle Inspired Picnic designed by Joyful Weddings and Events and Adorations Botanical Artistry for San Diego Style Weddings Magazine:

Anthropologie Vintage Bicycle Inspired Picnic

Anthropologie Vintage Bicycle Inspired Picnic

Wedding Trend: Chalkboards

And you thought chalkboards are for classrooms only.  Nowadays, we see more of them at weddings.  Why?  They’re very useful from creating wedding signs to seating charts.  And the best part, you can just erase what was written and re-use.  It’s so practical, it’s great for an eco-friendly wedding.

Wedding Trend: Chalkboard

Above: Spice up photo booth photos with personal messages on a chalkboard; a variety of chalkboards with people’s messages fills up those empty corners in a venue; hang a door sign to keep the boys from entering the bridal suite (or vice versa); the escort card stakes are perfect for a garden wedding; chalkboard place cards are easy to use and re-use; send guests away with chalkboard favor boxes with their names written on them

Wedding Trend: Chalkboard

Above: A chalkboard seating chart is perfect for a beachside wedding; display a word puzzle to entertain guests during cocktail hour; chalkboard tags do double duty as napkin rings and place cards; write table numbers on mini chalkboards or chalkboard votive candles; keep the kids entertained with a chalk(board) fabric tablecloth

Wedding Trend: Chalkboard

Above: Write your menu bistro-style on a chalkboard; label desserts at your dessert buffet with mini chalkboards; display cheeses on slate risers during cocktail hour; write your thank yous on chalkboard napkin rings or use as placecards; put up chalkboard signs to direct guests; say more in your photo booth photos with a chalkboard speech bubble


If you’re having a hard time finding the right chalkboard for you, you can of course DIY!  You can use chalkboard paint, chalkboard contact paper, or chalkboard fabric!  The possibilities are almost endless.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Chalkboards post - my collection of DIY Chalkboards.

Wedding Trend: Chandeliers

I’ve been seeing chandeliers everywhere in the wedding arena.  Chandeliers are not just for grand venues like mansions and castles anymore.  They are now often used in other venues like tents and even outdoors.  Some brides don’t stop at venues, they have chandeliers on their wedding stationeries as well.  It has become a chic wedding trend.

Click images to enlarge

090131stylemepretty01 090131brides02 090131jclaire01
090131karentran01 Chandelier in wedding reception Chandelier in wedding ceremony
090131oncewed03 090131pjohnson01 090131pjohnson03
090131postnup01 090131soireecharleston01 090131stoneblossom01
090131brides01 090203lmiller01 090203lmiller04
Chandelier in wedding reception Chandelier in wedding ceremony Chandelier in wedding lounge area
Chandelier in wedding reception Raj maharaja tent 090218ryanphillips
090218jcanlas01 090218ryanphillips02 090218jcanlas02
090219theknot01 090220vue01 wedding chandelier
090310tent lisa_lefkowitz michelemwaite01
090131finestationery01 090131paperdivas01 090203alannahrose

Sweeten your party with a candy buffet

Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with a candy buffet. Not only are they delightful edible treats, they can also serve as favors as much as party decoration. When we think candies, we think kids or casual or fun. But nowadays, more formal gatherings such as weddings feature candy buffets as well. Thanks to Martha Stewart Magazine. Candy buffets can look anything from colorful and fun to elegant and chic.

Step 1: Get inspired
Below are photos of candy buffets for inspiration. Your wedding venue/location, season, time, wedding motif can play a part in deciding how your candy buffet will look (i.e. candy colors, hard candy in the summer).

Click images to enlarge
080731cbuffet07 080731cbuffet02 080731cbuffet03
080731cbuffet04 080731cbuffet05 080731cbuffet06

Row 1 (from left):
Lollipops and candy sticks arranged in intricate pottery make unique and beautiful centerpieces as well as edible decors @ Rebecca Thuss; The different jar sizes makes this simplistic candy buffet eye-catching @ Rebecca Thuss; Recreating a candy shop is enticing to kids and adult guests alike @ Rebecca Thuss
Row 2 (from left):
Complement your cake with a candy buffet @ Rebecca Thuss; Even an all-white candy buffet looks delicious to a kid @ Rebecca Thuss; Tying ribbons around jars and scoops add spice to a candy buffet @ Rebecca Thuss

080731cbuffet14 080731cbuffet13 080731cbuffet12
080731cbuffet15 080731cbuffet16 080731cbuffet01

Row 1 (from left):
Be creative with your containers like using shells at a beach-side wedding @; Coordinate candy colors to match your wedding motif @; When containers are of the same height, use a stand to add height to some @
Row 2 (from left):
Arranging candy jars in shelves creates a unique shop-like candy buffet @; What a wonderful idea to use s’mores instead of regular candies for the buffet @; Definitely do varieties (i.e. candies, pretzels, pastries, chips) @ Rebecca Thuss

080731cbuffet08 080731cbuffet18 080731cbuffet11
080731cbuffet10 080731cbuffet09 080731cbuffet20

Row 1 (from left):
While the awning makes a good shade, it also is a great added decor to the buffet table @; These edible place card holders double as favors @; Apothecary jars are decorative in of itself and make fancy candy containers @
Row 2 (from left):
Candy apple buffet includes fresh apples, caramel and several toppings for guests to choose from @ With This Ring…; Add a sign inviting guests to help themselves at the candy buffet @ Martha Stewart Weddings; Coordinate your containers with other elements such as the candy buffet table and the feel of the room @ Presentpast Flickr album

080731cbuffet19 080731cbuffet22 080823cbuffet23

Row 1 (from left):
Labeling the candies/treats lets guests know what they’re getting; Alternating colors make a beautiful display @ Ashley’s Bride Guide; Add a personal touch by imprinting your names/logo on your candy packaging @ Inspired Goodness

Click here for my complete inventory of candy buffet inspirations.

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