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Family picnic

Work is slow in the Summer so I decided to host a picnic party for the family one Sunday.  It wasn’t perfect, but we had fun.


Click here to download invitation template

We visited a few parks and settled with Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  The park was huge, but beautiful.  The park had a lot of trees spread out making it great for picnics and/or barbecues especially on sunny days.

Click here for a printable map

We went to the park the weekend before the picnic to find a good spot and figure out how soon we need to get there to reserve it.  We found the perfect spot with a view of the lake, and close to the parking lot and bathroom.  We got there around 11:30am and luckily the spot was available!

We have set up a “Pack-Your-Own” picnic where guests get a basket each, fill their baskets with food, find a spot on the grass and enjoy their lunch.  I have created a welcome poster describing the concept.

Click here to download poster template.
Poster is 15″ x 21″ and can be printed on 4 letter-size paper.
When printing, check the option to tile large pages.

I covered the table with red and white gingham tablecloth.  I bought baskets from Paper Mart for guests to use.  I lined the baskets with red and white gingham fabric that I bought at the garment district in NYC.  I decided to use wooden forks and knives (I love them!) and tied them to Tekla dish towels from Ikea that I was using as napkins.

We served salad in white take-out containers from Paper Mart.  We left the containers open so guests can add dressing, there were two to choose from.  I printed 2×4 labels for sealing the salad containers.  My mom cooked Sotanghon (Filipino noodle dish) and we served it in kraft take-out containers, sealed with 2×4 labels.  Click here for template for the 2×4 labels.

I couldn’t find generic foil-lined bags that are not labeled, so I bought foil lined hot dog bags instead for the pork shish kabobs (pork bbq).  I then printed labels to cover the “hot dog” text.  I used the kraft take-out containers for the burgers.  I ordered wood boats for the corn and bratwurst.

Here are photos of my cousins’ baskets filled with food.

After eating, we played Pictionary.  I bought the Mala easel from Ikea together with the Mala drawing paper roll.  We used The Game Gal’s word generator to generate words to draw and we used our phones as timer.  It was a lot of fun.

I chose this spot in the park because of a small tree that I thought would be perfect for a “photo booth” I was thinking.  And here was our set-up and one of our photos:

A few tips:

  • Visit the park ahead of time and figure out the best time to get there to reserve the spot you like. Summer is a very popular season for picnics.
  • Serve food that can be served lukewarm. This is one disadvantage of hosting a picnic in a park instead of your backyard.
  • If you can, pack the food in their individual containers at home. It is less stressful when you have the food all ready to be set up on the table when you get to the park.
  • Be prepared for guests to bring food. The original plan was to have all food in containers that can be sealed. But bring plates and extra flatware for food that guests may bring.
  • Have a rain plan.

Organizing travel plans: Itinerary and packing list

When I’m bored, I like to think of ways I can organize my life.  This time… our travel plans.

We just booked our first anniversary trip.  We fly to Puerto Rico and catch a 7-day Caribbean cruise from there.  This will be our first-time to take a cruise with traditional dining which means we have to dress up on formal nights.  My husband and I are very casual.  Packing formal clothing is new to us.  So I decided to create a packing list to make sure we have what we need.

I made columns for each type of clothing (shirts, pants, dinner jacket, etc).  On each day or event, I enter the clothing number of the clothing that we will use.  I entered “T” for the ones that I don’t need to pack because I’m wearing them the day we leave.  For example: I’m using Shirt T and Sweats T on day 1… Shirt 1 and Shorts 1 on day 2… Shirt 2 and Shorts 1 on day 3…

Click image to enlarge

Then whatever I enter on the clothing packing list above, it gets automatically transferred to my master packing list below (see right-most column):

Click image to enlarge

I color-coded my master packing list based on where the items go (e.g. luggage, carry-on, etc).  I think it will make packing easier for me.  You can download a copy of my Itinerary and Packing list spreadsheet here.  My list is customized to what we need for our type of vacations, but you can customize it to your own travel needs.

DIY: Newport wedding map and template

All of our guests including us are from out of town.  So in the guest welcome bags, we decided to include a map of key places including room blocks and where we’re staying.  The rehearsal dinner location will only be included on maps for those who are invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Our wedding map

Our wedding map

As we get closer to the wedding, I will be adding places/sites to see in Newport.  If you have any suggestions of nice places/sites to see, please leave a comment.

Now, on to the template…

The Newport map template measures 8.5″ x 11″ and can be reduced.  It is in PDF format and can be used with image/graphic editors such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The basic template (see image below) is $10.  To purchase, click Buy Now below.

Basic Newport Map template (no additional streets):

Click image to enlarge
Newport map template by Aylee

For additional streets or customized map, please contact me.  Click here for instructions on how to create your own map.

The template in Word (doc) format will be available soon. But note that it won’t be as crisp as the PDF above. Stay tuned…

DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid card

willubmybm01 willubmybm02 willubmybm03

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
1 80lb (or heavier) coverstock 8.5×11
belly wrap or 1 36lb (or close) vellum 8.5×11 – creates 5 belly wraps
1 envelope A2 (4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″)

For stores, click here

cutter, X-acto knife (to cut inner rectangles), adhesive, computer, printer

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), X-Acto KnifeClassic Crest Solar White 80lb (paper), Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 80lb (recycled paper)

Fonts Used
Sloop Script Two, AvantGarde Gothic

The card measures 4″ x 5.5″ and contains 4 pieces wrapped together with the belly wrap.

Click image below to download template
DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid card

Print and cut on solid lines.  Assemble with top-left card at the top, then the top-right card right below, then the bottom-left card, then the bottom-right card at the very bottom.  Wrap them together with the belly wrap.

If you want a crisper image (bridesmaid), print this file first on paper that you plan to use for your card.  Personalize this 2nd file, then print it using the paper you’ve printed the first file on.  Make sure you print on the side  where the image is printed.

Insert assembled card into envelope and you’re all set!

DIY: Nautical Save-The-Date

Nautical Save The Date Nautical Save The Date Nautical Save The Date

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
1 80lb (or heavier) coverstock 8.5×11 – creates 4
1 36lb (or close) vellum 8.5×11 – creates 2
1 envelope A2 (4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″)

For stores, click here

cutter, scorer, 1/4″ hole-puncher, lighter or gas stove top, computer, printer

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Fiskars Scoring Blade (scoring blade to be used with Fiskars rotary trimmer), Fiskars hand punch (hole puncher), Classic Crest Solar White 80lb (paper), Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 80lb (recycled paper)

Fonts Used
Sloop Script Two, AvantGarde Gothic

The save-the-date measures 4″ x 5.5″.  Page 2 and 3 contains the main save-the-date template that creates 4 save-the-dates.  Page contains the vellum wrap template that creates 2 vellum wraps.  Blue sailboat image is included in the template.

Click image below to download template
Aylee's nautical save the date

Print page 3 on the back of page 2.  Cut on gray solid lines.  Print page 4 on vellum.  Cut on gray solid lines.  Score vellum in the middle.  Wrap vellum on save-the-date.  Hole punch on gray circles.

Cut 11″ of knot.  Using a lighter or stove top, melt the ends of the knot to avoid fraying.  Insert knot into the holes and make a square knot.  Click here for instructions on how to make a square knot.

Insert completed save-the-date into envelope and you’re all set!

Pre-designed Program Fan Template

A pre-designed program fan template is now available!  The template is based on Alessandra’s program fans that I created.

The template is currently in black ($10).  To get the design color customized, purchase the custom-color template ($15).  Choose your colors from this color chart and enter the 6-character color code when you pay through Paypal.  Click here to purchase.

Pre-designed program fan template

Passport Invitation template

The passport invitation template is now available (passpost save-the-date coming soon)!  The basic template is free while the pre-designed one is available for a fee.  Click here to purchase the pre-designed template.  Passport size is 3.5″x5″.

Basic template (DOC) 304kb – free
Pre-designed template (DOC & PDF) 5.36mb – $10 forever! :) until 3/12/09, $20 after that
     ** Click here to purchase **
Custom passport invitation/save-the-date – $50

The pre-designed template is based on the passport invitation below that I created before.

Passport Invitation - cover

Passport Invitation

Passport Invitation

Passport Invitation template - cover

Passport Invitation template

Passport Invitation template

Click here to purchase the pre-designed template.

DIY: Paddle Fan Program

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
80lb (or heavier) cover stock 8.5×11
fan handle or tongue depressor (popsicle stick may be too small)

cutter, scissors, computer, printer, round-corner puncher (optional)

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Round Corner Punch-Small (round corner puncher), Herma Dotto (adhesive), Classic Crest Solar White 80lb (paper), Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 80lb (recycled paper), fan handle

One piece of paddle fan can be printed on one 8.5″ x 11″ paper. One side (left or right) of the template is the front of the fan while the other is the back. The fans measure approximately 5 1/4″ x 6 1/2″. My template includes 4 different shapes you can choose from.

Click here to download template

Adding an image background
Add your image by clicking INSERT from the top menu then PICTURE. You can either insert a clipart or an image file. Select your image by clicking on it. Right click on the image then click FORMAT PICTURE. Click the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT under Wrapping Style. Click OK. Now you can drag your image to anywhere you want it. Notice that your image appears behind your texts.

Cut on solid lines. You may use cutter or X-acto knife for the straight lines. Use scissors for the curved lines. You can use a round-corner cutter for the corners of the basic shape. Do not cut the dashed lines in the middle connecting the left and the right parts. Score and fold on the dashed lines in the middle.

Apply adhesive to one tip of your fan handle or tongue depressor. Insert your paddle or tongue depressor in between the folded fan and press to adhere.

For the Petal Fan Program template and instructions, click here.


pre-designed templates

I provide basic templates for a few projects (i.e. boarding pass, fan, tag) which contain the outlines.  I did this to allow the user to explore his/her own creativity and design the project him/herself.  But after a few requests, I’ve realized that a lot of my readers don’t have the time to create their own design.

So I decided to provide pre-designed templates and all the user needs to do is enter his/her own text or content.  The templates will be available for a fee and will be copyrighted.  They can be used for personal use only.

But I need your help before I can start creating them.  I need to know what format most people will/can use (poll below).

For templates, what format/s would you prefer?

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DIY: Invitations

invites9 invites8 invites10 invites12
click photos to enlarge

 How I Did It (Blue Version)

Materials (per set)
1 Ribbon Tie Pochette 7 1/4″ Square
(to make your own pochette, you will need one 80lb cover stock 12×12)
decorative paper
28lb (or lighter so the background shows through) vellum
80lb cover/cardstock
1 yard 1.5″ ribbon
1 Square Envelope 7 1/2
(Inner envelope is not necessary. The pochette is good enough)
vellum tape
For stores, click here

cutter, round-corner cutter or scissors, adhesive, computer, printer, scoring blade or bonefolder (if making pochette)

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Fiskars Scoring Blade (to be used with Fiskars rotary trimmer), Herma Dotto (adhesive)

Create a text box in MS Word with dimensions 6 3/8″ x 6 3/8″. Create your invitation text in the text box. Print on vellum and cut on the lines. Use a round-corner cutter or scissors to round the corners. For best results, print using a laser printer or photocopier. Inkjet/deskjet printers use ink (not powder) and ink may smudge on vellum.

Cut decorative paper to 7″x7″. Paste the vellum invite on the center of the decorative paper using vellum tape. Glue the whole invite to the pochette.

Using the Envelopes and Labels wizard in Word, create your reception and RSVP cards using the Business Card label option/template. Print and cut. Cut a strip of the decorative paper with a width of 3/8″. Glue the strip to the bottom of the cards.

Cut two slits on each side of the pochette (as shown in picture above). Insert reception and RSVP through the slits. If you’re concerned about the slits and parts of the cards showing on the outside of your invites, don’t be when using the pattern below. When the pochette is closed, the other flaps cover the slits and the parts of the cards.

Insert ribbon through the pochette slits, close pochette, tie ribbon to a bow, and the invitation is done.

Making your own pochette
For a 7 1/4″ Square Pochette, you will need 12×12 80lb cover or cardstock. See below for pattern. Cut on solid lines. The slits on the side flaps are optional for reception & RSVP cards. Score on dashed lines and fold and you now have a pochette.

each square = 1″
Click here for 5 1/4″ template