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Review: Eureka Body Care and Spa – laser hair removal

I have gone to Eureka Body Care and Spa for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend them for the mere fact that out of the three laser machines I had experience with, the machine they used was the least effective.

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Reviewing products and services

You will notice that a lot of the posts here are reviews. We love writing reviews. Our decisions to purchase a product or service have mostly been influenced by consumers’ reviews, especially now that...

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REVIEW: Hampton Inn, Haverhill MA

STAY DETAILS June 17 – 18, 2016 Room 202 – king room with sofa bed and fridge I recommend Hampton Inn at Haverhill MA. Room was clean and staff were very friendly, even to our dog....

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REVIEW: The Mirage, Las Vegas NV

STAY DETAILS February 28 – March 4, 2016 Room 21-097 – resort queen room Despite its ideal location, I cannot recommend The Mirage because of the price and the additional $33.60 daily resort fee....