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A Fall wedding invitation

In addition to John moving in and our wedding planning, I’ve also been busy with my friend’s invitation to her Fall wedding.  I finally finished creating a mock-up…

Jasmine's Fall wedding invitation

Jasmine bought top-open envelopes and I’m afraid that the RSVP card and envelope will remain in the envelope when guests take the invitation out.  So I decided to use a gold spiral paper clip to attach them all together.

Jasmine's Fall wedding invitation

Passport Invitation template

The passport invitation template is now available (passpost save-the-date coming soon)!  The basic template is free while the pre-designed one is available for a fee.  Click here to purchase the pre-designed template.  Passport size is 3.5″x5″.

Basic template (DOC) 304kb – free
Pre-designed template (DOC & PDF) 5.36mb – $10 forever! :) until 3/12/09, $20 after that
     ** Click here to purchase **
Custom passport invitation/save-the-date – $50

The pre-designed template is based on the passport invitation below that I created before.

Passport Invitation - cover

Passport Invitation

Passport Invitation

Passport Invitation template - cover

Passport Invitation template

Passport Invitation template

Click here to purchase the pre-designed template.

Inviting the President to your wedding

Yes, you can invite the President to your wedding.  He is most likely not able to attend, but you’ll receive a personal response signed by him and the First Lady.  Won’t that make a wonderful wedding keepsake?

Photo by J.Karlsson for Vanity Fair

Photo by J.Karlsson for Vanity Fair

Send your invitation to the Obamas here:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

You can also fax your invitation to (202) 395-1232.

Allow at least 6 weeks to receive your response.  Make sure to include your current and future mailing addresses just in case the response is sent later into the future.

Did you / are you sending the President an invite?

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Across the Blogosphere: Steps to DIY invitations

DIY invitationMrs. Cupcake of Weddingbee posted some very helpful steps and tips for doing your own invitations.  She is a graphic designer and made these gorgeous invitations for her own wedding. Click here for the full article.

Image from Dacali’s Flickr photostream

More at Aylee Designs

It’s been a while since I’ve added new monogram designs to the monogram design collection.  I still have more, but I still have to find the time to set them up and upload them.  I tried to upload the more basic ones first:

monogram monogram

monogram    monogram

Recently, I created a boarding pass for a child’s birthday party.  It was actually my first time to create a kiddy theme.  I’m so used to creating wedding boarding passes, that I had to browse through all my fonts to find more kiddy types.  Here’s a sample of the birthday party invitation:


Jorie’s passes are done!

It’s been a while since I haven’t accepted new requests.  And Jorie’s was my first this month.  She’s getting married in Hawaii!  She’s a delight to work with.  She knows what she wants and even though we had to rush her boarding passes, it was easy.

She’s using the passes as invitation to the rehearsal dinner.  First pass is a welcome letter, the second is the invitation, and the third contains the menu for the wedding reception.


blog01 1

blog02 1

Project 2: Boarding pass invitations

I like this one coz it wasn’t as hard and tedious as the first project.  And I get to be more creative with this.  I blurred out some info for privacy.

Click here for template and instructions on how to make them.  If you want me to create them for you, please click here.

DIY: Invitations

invites9 invites8 invites10 invites12
click photos to enlarge

 How I Did It (Blue Version)

Materials (per set)
1 Ribbon Tie Pochette 7 1/4″ Square
(to make your own pochette, you will need one 80lb cover stock 12×12)
decorative paper
28lb (or lighter so the background shows through) vellum
80lb cover/cardstock
1 yard 1.5″ ribbon
1 Square Envelope 7 1/2
(Inner envelope is not necessary. The pochette is good enough)
vellum tape
For stores, click here

cutter, round-corner cutter or scissors, adhesive, computer, printer, scoring blade or bonefolder (if making pochette)

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Fiskars Scoring Blade (to be used with Fiskars rotary trimmer), Herma Dotto (adhesive)

Create a text box in MS Word with dimensions 6 3/8″ x 6 3/8″. Create your invitation text in the text box. Print on vellum and cut on the lines. Use a round-corner cutter or scissors to round the corners. For best results, print using a laser printer or photocopier. Inkjet/deskjet printers use ink (not powder) and ink may smudge on vellum.

Cut decorative paper to 7″x7″. Paste the vellum invite on the center of the decorative paper using vellum tape. Glue the whole invite to the pochette.

Using the Envelopes and Labels wizard in Word, create your reception and RSVP cards using the Business Card label option/template. Print and cut. Cut a strip of the decorative paper with a width of 3/8″. Glue the strip to the bottom of the cards.

Cut two slits on each side of the pochette (as shown in picture above). Insert reception and RSVP through the slits. If you’re concerned about the slits and parts of the cards showing on the outside of your invites, don’t be when using the pattern below. When the pochette is closed, the other flaps cover the slits and the parts of the cards.

Insert ribbon through the pochette slits, close pochette, tie ribbon to a bow, and the invitation is done.

Making your own pochette
For a 7 1/4″ Square Pochette, you will need 12×12 80lb cover or cardstock. See below for pattern. Cut on solid lines. The slits on the side flaps are optional for reception & RSVP cards. Score on dashed lines and fold and you now have a pochette.

each square = 1″
Click here for 5 1/4″ template

DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date

orig 070814jorie02 1 orig blog01 1 1 orig blog02 1 1
IMG 2399b IMG 2400b 1 IMG 2489x 1
IMG 2491x2 1 IMG 2498x 1 IMG 2511x 1
click photos to enlarge

Click here for more samples

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
2 80lb cover stock 8.5×11
1 open-end envelope 4.125×9
1 28lb or lighter cover/cardstock (for template1 pocket) or 60lb cover/cardstock (for template2 pocket)

cutter, ruler, scissors, perforator, scoring blade or bonefolder, computer, printer, round-corner puncher (optional)

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Fiskars Perforating Rotary Blade (perforating blade to be used with Fiskars rotary trimmer), Round Corner Punch-Small (round corner puncher), Herma Dotto (adhesive), Classic Crest Solar White 80lb (paper), Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 80lb (recycled paper), Fiskars Scoring Blade (scoring blade to be used with Fiskars rotary trimmer)

Three passes can be printed on one 8.5″x11″ 80lb coverstock. Each pass is approximately 3.25″ x 8″. The left part is about 0.70″ and the right part is about 2″.

My template file has four pages. First page is the introduction. The second page has only the outline of the whole pass. You can add any content you want. Third page has some contents that I had such as those you see in the picture below. Fourth page is for the back of the passes that contain the text “NOT A VALID TRAVEL VOUCHER.” This can be changed.

Click image below to download template

Adding an image background
***If you’re not very familiar with Word, it’s easier to use the first template (2nd page).

Place your cursor on the first page, below the introduction. Add your image by clicking INSERT from the top menu then PICTURE. You can either insert a clipart or an image file. Select your image by clicking on it. Right click on the image then click FORMAT PICTURE. Click the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT under Wrapping Style. Click OK. Now you can drag your image to anywhere you want it. Notice that your image appears behind your texts.

To add text on the first template (2nd page), use the Drawing toolbar. Click INSERT > TOOLBARS and make sure Drawing is checked. The Drawing toolbar usually appears at the bottom of the window. Click the TEXT BOX button. Draw your text box on the template. Right click on the text box, click FORMAT TEXT BOX. Click the COLORS AND LINES tab and select NO FILL under Fill and NO LINE under Line. Click OK. Now you can type in your text on the text box.

Before cutting the individual passes, perforate the passes separating the three parts using a perforator. If you’re willing to spend more, I suggest using a perforator with a base.

For perforators without a base, use a ruler to connect the red crop marks and run your perforator. Run the perforator 2 or 3 times WITHOUT lifting. Practice doing this to perfect your perforating technique before doing them on your final passes.

Cut on gray solid lines. You may cut the passes with cutter or X-acto knife for the straight lines; round-corner cutter or scissors for the four corners; scissors for the part between the small left part and the middle.

Next step is making the pocket. I have two available pocket templates. The first template is a little harder to make than the second one.

Making the pocket

Template 1

Click template above to download


Print the first page. Turn the paper, the top must go in the printer first. Print the second page. Cut on solid lines using scissors or cutter. The slit must be cut with a cutter. Score on dashed lines then fold towards you. Unfold then apply adhesive on the bottom flap. Fold to glue all parts together.

Template 2

Click template above to download


Print the first page. Turn the paper, the top must go in the printer first. Print the second page. Cut on solid lines using scissors or cutter. The slit must be cut with a cutter. Score on dashed lines then fold towards you. Apply adhesive on Area A to adhere the bottom part to the middle part of the pocket.

After making your pocket, all you have to do is put your passes in the pocket, put them in the envelope and you’re all set!

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