Product Reviews

Our decisions to purchase a product or service have mostly been influenced by consumers’ reviews, especially now that more of our purchases are done online. Consumer reviews definitely helped us a lot, albeit finding a review or two that are a bit biased.

This is why we like reviewing products and services we have used or tried; because we know that somehow we are helping someone.

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Let us tell you our philosophy behind our reviews first:
  • We try to provide more facts than our opinion. People have different preferences, and we want our readers to decide on their own. We provide the facts, they make the decision. We do include some of our own opinions, likes and dislikes; when something  greatly impressed or disappointed us based on past experiences.
  • We provide as many photos as we can. I guarantee that we do not lie in our reviews. But we still try to take the extra step of providing photos for proof. And sometimes, some things are better explained with images than words.
  • We do not rush our reviews. On average, we publish our reviews 2-6 months after the product or service was procured. For products, we like to include quality and durability in our reviews, and it is best tested after several uses. For services, sometimes updates or changes occur a few weeks after, like extra charges that a hotel charges the guest’s credit card. Any important information regarding the product or service after a review has been published will also be noted in the review and the updated review gets republished.
  • We are not fond of wordy reviews. You will find that a lot of our reviews are in a list or bulleted format. Since our reviews are comprised of more facts, we figured this format is appropriate. We also believe it is easier and quicker to read or browse through.
  • We publish on popular sites, in addition to ours. The main purpose of publishing our reviews is to help consumers make better decisions. We believe in our reviews and we think that publishing them on more sites will reach more consumers and hopefully help them. For products, we publish on, and/or the website of the store the product was purchased from. For travel services (e.g. hotels, tours), we publish on and/or the website of the agency the service was purchased from. For restaurants and local services (e.g. massage, laser hair removal), we publish on
  • Last, but not least, we provide honest reviews. Of course, nothing can be more honest than providing facts. Our opinions are  our own, and are not influenced by any compensation, if any were received.

You can read our published reviews here.

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