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Review: Eureka Body Care and Spa – laser hair removal

I have gone to Eureka Body Care and Spa for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend them for the mere fact that out of the three laser machines I had experience with, the machine they used was the least effective.

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Reviewing products and services

You will notice that a lot of the posts here are reviews. We love writing reviews. Our decisions to purchase a product or service have mostly been influenced by consumers’ reviews, especially now that...

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The new Aylee Designs

Aylee Designs is back!  After a long hiatus, we’re back and with a spanking new website! In celebration of our re-opening, we are offering 50% off our monogram services the whole weekend! Don’t forget...

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Nautical baby shower

Nautical is a very popular theme for parties.  It is pretty obvious why.  It reflects our desire to be somewhere warm, sunny and sandy – paradise. My friend asked for my help with her...

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Christmas Tree Cutting 2012

It was a gloomy day. But it didn’t hamper our mood for our favorite holiday. We set out to Long Island, drove an hour and a half and arrived at Carter Christmas Tree Farm...