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Money and what to do with it

Consumer Action Handbook 0

Be a savvy consumer

I highly recommend the Consumer Action Handbook.  You can order your free copy at  You can also find the info online. The handbook includes tips and information on how to be a savvy...

World's Best Paid Cities - #3 New York City 0

World’s Best Paid Cities

It is known that NYC employees rank high when it comes to salary.  But I always think that we earn what we earn because of the high cost of living in the city.  So...

Speak out against overdraft fees 0

Speak out against overdraft fees

Did you know that most, if not all banks sign you up with overdraft protection automatically even without your consent?  This may sound beneficial especially when you need to purchase or pay for something...

Best cities to find a new job 2

Best cities to find a new job

With today’s economy and the rising unemployment rate, more people are open to other options in finding a job.  Relocation is probably not one of the most attractive option, but it is a good...