Photo by MKD Photography

Aylee Bits started as a personal blog where I talked about my interests and hobbies. Since I started designing wedding stationery for a few family members and posted them online, more and more brides have come to me for help with theirs.

Aylee Bits has then evolved into something more than just a personal blog. It has become an inspiration and source of helpful information for stylish, creative, and budget-savvy brides (and grooms).

At Aylee Bits, I combine my love of travel, design, and weddings to create a great resource for DIY and destination weddings.  You will find DIY ideas, free wedding templates and design, tons of resources, info on travel destinations, reviews, money-saving tips, and a lot more.



I am a crazy puppy mom living in New York.

I work in the tech industry and enjoy it.

I love to travel and document my memories in photographs.

When I’m not working or traveling, I dream about weddings and design.

As someone with not much disposable income, I have to carefully budget everything I do and find money-saving ways to fulfill my goals.