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We’ve booked our photographer for Maui!

We’ve always wanted a beach wedding, but we weren’t able to.  We had a wedding by the water, but a wonderful one nonetheless.  While I was researching things to do in Hawaii for our honeymoon, it came to me to do a sort of a honeymoon/trash-the-dress photo shoot.  The beaches in Hawaii are just gorgeous and the honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to have our new life documented on a beach when we weren’t able to at our wedding.

I am so excited to have found a great photographer based in Maui, Aihara Visuals.  Just look at her photos.  I can’t wait!


That’s a wonderful idea :) We’re honeymooning in Hawaii as well and I found a great photographer there that I was considering taking some honeymoon just because pictures with :) This is the photographer I looked into..

Nice! Love the underwater photos! What islands are you going to?

This pictures are just breathtaking!

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