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Archive for January, 2010

Exclusive Vineyard Gown Sale

Exclusive Vineyard Gown Sale

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The Wedding University Event – Silicon Valley

The Wedding University Bridal Event - Silicon Valley

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Paper Source Wedding Events

Paper Source Wedding Events


saturday, february 20th 2010
10 – 11 am
$15 per ticket

Join us for a lovely morning of sipping tea while enjoying sweet treats, as we share hands-on wedding inspired ideas and introduce our Paper Source 2010 Invitation Collection.

As a gift for spending the morning with us, you’ll receive 10% off your purchases made that day.

Attendance is limited to only 15 guests. Visit us in store or online to reserve your space for this exclusive gathering.


saturday & sunday, february 20th – 21st 2010
complimentary demos begin at noon

12 noon – 1:00pm “Dressing Up an Envelope”
Combine the beauty of decorative papers, labels, sealing wax, and our PS envelope collection, for an exquisite first impression!

1:15pm – 2:15pm “Invitations”
We have so many wonderful ideas to share – layering, stamping, and embellishing an invitation – making it uniquely your own.

2:30pm – 3:30pm “Favors, Table Tents and Escort Cards”
Coordinate the perfect wedding day necessities to complement, and enhance the style of your wedding.

For more information, contact your local Paper Source.

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Filene’s Basement “Running of the Brides”

Filene’s Basement world famous bridal event “Running of the Brides” is here. Find more than a thousand famous designer gowns priced at $249, $499 and $699. The event starts at 8:00 am.

  • Jan 29 :: Columbus, OH
  • Feb 5 :: New York NY
  • Feb 19 :: Boston MA
  • Mar 19 :: Atlanta GA
  • Jul 23 :: Chicago IL
  • Jul 30 :: Washington DC
  • Aug 20 :: Boston MA
  • Aug 27 :: Cleveland OH

For more information and locations, visit Filene’s Basement.

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Wedding Tip #3: Bring pre-printed address labels to Bridal Shows

Image by Aurora Photography

Believe me, you would be filling out a lot of forms (mostly contest forms / raffle tickets) when you go to bridal shows.  Take this tip from Miss Buttons of WeddingBee.  Bring pre-printed address labels with your name, address, email address, and phone number that you can stick on this forms. This will save time and wrist pain.

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Looking for a florist

I have originally planned to do my own flowers.  But it seemed to cost more than I was expecting to spend… from all the stuff I need (vases, buckets, tools, etc) to take to Newport, to the additional vehicle we have to rent to lug all these stuff.  After talking to a few professional florists and crunching the numbers, I found out that the money I will be saving from DIYing wasn’t a lot.  It is not worth the hassle and uncertainty of DIYing all my wedding flowers.  So I decided to hire a florist.

Image from Getty Images

Image from Getty Images

Below are the Rhode Island florists that I inquired with (price comparison at the bottom)…

Florals by Alisa

Allie & Lisa were very responsive.  They usually email back same day or early morning the day after (when I emailed them at night).  They were able to give me a price quote based on my description of what I want in just a couple of days.  I love how they described everything.  The flowers they have chosen were perfect.  They were right on.

We met with Lisa to discuss more about what I wanted.  She was very sweet and even admired my centerpiece mock-up made of tissue.  She has that enthusiasm I look for in a vendor.  I requested a centerpiece sample ahead of time so I can pick it up at our meeting and use it for our menu tasting at Belle Mer.  It cost the same as the price quote.

Golden Gate Studios

Jay of Golden Gate Studios was very responsive in the beginning.  He called me early in the morning the day after I emailed him, and he was on his way to a wedding.  He took the time to let me know he got my inquiry and to talk to me more about my wedding, knowing that he was going away that week.  Since I couldn’t go to RI soon, I asked him if I could email him the details I have in mind and he could email me the quote.  After that, I didn’t hear from him.

I followed up after more than a week via email and still didn’t get a response.  Thinking he wasn’t getting my emails, I contacted him via his website like in the beginning.  But didn’t get a response.  A week after, I got a phone call from him.  He said he was busy with work for the holidays and he prefers calls instead of emails.  His other clients said the same thing, just call him and he answers or calls back right away.  Since then I just called him and he either answered his phone or returned my call just a few minutes after.

We decided to meet with him and get a quote at the meeting.  He was very nice and took the time to discuss all the details of what I’m envisioning.  He wrote his notes and gave me a quote right there.  Before we left, he gave me a bouquet of flowers.  He was very sweet!

Toni Chandler Florals

Toni Chandler’s assistant handled all the email correspondence.  It usually took a couple of days before I get a response.  I didn’t get to talk to Toni until 8 days after my first inquiry.  The phone appointment was set up by her assistant.

As soon as Toni and I talked on the phone, I felt very comfortable.  We talked like girlfriends.  She got my vision right away and made excellent suggestions.  She offered a lot of advice regarding my venue as well.  The conversation made me very excited to see her work.  At the end of the conversation, she told me that she would be able to send me a quote in 2 days.  I didn’t get the quote in 2 days, so I emailed her 7 days after.  Her assistant emailed me back that same day with the quote.

Pricing:  I will not be posting specific prices, but I’m including the differences between the quotes from the three florists.  Click here for the Floral Price Comparison.

DIY: Newport wedding map and template

All of our guests including us are from out of town.  So in the guest welcome bags, we decided to include a map of key places including room blocks and where we’re staying.  The rehearsal dinner location will only be included on maps for those who are invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Our wedding map

Our wedding map

As we get closer to the wedding, I will be adding places/sites to see in Newport.  If you have any suggestions of nice places/sites to see, please leave a comment.

Now, on to the template…

The Newport map template measures 8.5″ x 11″ and can be reduced.  It is in PDF format and can be used with image/graphic editors such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The basic template (see image below) is $10.  To purchase, click Buy Now below.

Basic Newport Map template (no additional streets):

Click image to enlarge
Newport map template by Aylee

For additional streets or customized map, please contact me.  Click here for instructions on how to create your own map.

The template in Word (doc) format will be available soon. But note that it won’t be as crisp as the PDF above. Stay tuned…

Video of White Blood Cell chasing a Bacteria

The geekiness in me came out and I just had to post this video.  It’s so cool.  It gives you a visual of what’s going on in our bodies on the micro level.

This video shows a neutrophil (a type of white blood cell) chasing a staphylococcus aureus bacterium. The video was recorded by biochemistry professor David Rogers of Vanderbilt University in the 1950s.

~ John Farrier of Neatorama

Free ticket: The Wedding Bootcamp – NYC

The Wedding Bootcamp NYC
January 27, 2010

The Wedding Bootcamp NYC - free ticket

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Wedding Correspondence: Phone vs Email

I live in NY and my wedding is in Newport RI.  So the two ways I usually communicate with wedding vendors are phone and email.  But I prefer email over phone for a few reasons.

Image from The Moxie Mash

Image from The Moxie Mash

  • Whenever I think of something to tell or ask a vendor, I feel like I’m less intrusive when I just email them and they can respond to me whenever they can.  Unless of course I need an answer right away, then I call.
  • I am able to gather my thoughts better in an email.  Sometimes I forget things I need to say over the phone.
  • I can proofread what I wrote in an email and make sure I said things correctly and tactfully.  I am able to control my emotions better while writing an email than talking on the phone.
  • And my number 1 reason… Using email, I have written proof of the conversation.  Unfortunately, I have had vendors or representatives of vendors forget (or pretend to forget) what they told me over the phone.

It definitely helps that I have access to my emails most of the time.  But there are other cases that I prefer phone over email, like if I want an answer right away or when the conversation requires quick responses back and forth.  Best Practices has a good list of pros and cons of using phone and email.

Which method do you prefer for communicating with wedding vendors?

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