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Bouquet Trial #2: Carnations

I have tried Hydrangeas, now it’s time to try Carnations.  They’re very affordable and I love the fullness of the blooms.  Please pardon the visible rubber bands.  I ran out of floral tape and I didn’t get to wrap the bouquet handle with ribbon before I did the corset-type wrapping.

DIY Carnations Bouquet

Unfortunately, to get the bouquet size I wanted, I had to use a lot of carnations which ended up being more expensive than the Hydrangeas I used earlier.  I spent $15 for 50 carnations.

DIY Carnations Bouquet

DIY Carnations Bouquet

The biggest advantage of using Carnations is that they last long. They lasted more than a week just being in a vase with water (no flower food).


I just love the way this turned out. So so pretty. Love the fullness!

They look really pretty. It stinks that they were more expensive than the hydrangeas though. Maybe you could use carnations for the bridesmaid bouquets.

Oh I love the way you this looks. I’ve found your blog bij using google, because I’m also making my own bridalbouquet of hydrangeas. Now I’m trying to find a nice way to use the ribbon around the stems and the corset-type wrapping as you show here looks just perfect.
How do you do this? Is it just a simpel twist or is there a certain technique you use?

Sorry for my bad english.. I’m from The Netherlands :)


Hey! This is awesome, I plan to do the same. I was wondering what shop did you purchase these at NYC Flower District?

wow u are really creative,they are woow

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