Pre-designed Program Fan Template

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  1. Nicole-Lynn says:

    haha I thought this was an idea I made up in my head! That is so cool to see it! Great job!

  2. Sarah C. says:

    Hey there! I have almost the whole fan finished, minus one part – the design that is under the eyelet. I can’t seem to place it as low as it needs to go with the template on your website (it also won’t let me right click, hit ‘Format Picture’ and then format it myself. The option to do that is not highlighted). Please provide any suggestions you might have! They’d be much appreciated :) Thanks!

  3. Deidre says:

    I recently purchased a template from you Aylee. Is your site still active? Can you please send me the template as soon as possible to return my $10 through paypal. I hope its still active. Thank you.

  4. Aylee says:

    Hi Deidre… I sent the template to the email address used in the Paypal transaction ( yesterday, the day you sent payment. Please check your spam folder if not in your inbox.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Hi Aylee!

    I’m wondering if when you say “custom color” you mean that basically what will replace the gold color in the sample picture you show? For example, I would like red and black, so if I specify a red color, will the same fonts and design come through, just in red and black?


  6. Aylee says:

    Hi Tiffany… yes, the custom color will be used for the design. The font you can change yourself :)

  7. Miranda says:

    Hi Aylee,
    Love the template. I was wondering if you had a template that was bigger. A template with 2 on a page vs. 3?

  8. Jacquie says:

    Where do you get the little metal things that fasten them together?

  9. Shalove says:

    Hi Aylee,

    I really like the sample fan program. What are the colors used in that invitation?

  10. Regina says:

    I purchased your color template. I Love it! I designed my fans, and they won’t print out! Page one of the template prints, but page two is totally blank! I have a Mac 10.4.11 and Word X. What am I doing wrong? thank you for your help.

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