Going nautical

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  1. lucky me says:

    I love your ideas. We had a art decoish theme since we were married in a museum.

  2. adias.angel says:

    Your theme will be beautiful. ;) I am with you on in can be over done so we are mostly focusing on our colors (tangelo & sand w/ hot pink accents) with bits of a travel theme (compasses, compasses roses and antique maps). It very much reflects our love of travel and of course the fact we are having a destination wedding. LOL.

  3. Amy says:

    we fell in love with cherry blossoms from a trip to japan. so i combined cheer blossoms with the chinese wedding color of red and our theme of red cheery blossoms were born. i used the theme and color sporatically, in the bridesmaids dresses, favors (cd covers), cake, and centerpiece hurricanes.

  4. There is nothing tacky about having a theme! Your guests will appreciate how everything is cohesive! I love the nautical idea I am excited to see the final product!

  1. September 3, 2009

    […] the work she does. Did you know she is also planning her wedding? She and her finance have chosen a nautical theme. Aylee is creating her own bouquets as a means of sticking to her budget. I would say she did […]

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