REVIEW: Sheraton Springfield, MA

Sheraton Springfield at Monarch PlaceMay 25, 2008
1 king room
$189/night at, included 2 adult tickets to Six Flags New England (worth $80-$100) and self-parking (worth $9.95)

The Sheraton was right off I-91 (Exit 7). Businesses, stores, restaurants are just a walk away from the hotel. We got out of the hotel and walked around the area for dinner. The area was so quiet, with barely any people. It got scary when I noticed a lot of the stores were closed or shut down. I would prefer staying in West Springfield along RT-5.

We ate at Red Rose Pizzeria in Main St, an Italian restaurant 5 blocks away and we liked it. They had good food and huge servings. We spent $53+ for 2 people including tax.

The hotel lobby was a little dark, but very nice and clean. The rooms are situated around an indoor atrium. You can easily hear anyone talking in the hallways in the nearby floors because of the set up. But you don’t hear in the rooms. Check-in was a breeze and staff was friendly, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The room was spacious, clean and smelled great. The carpet by the door had a couple of very small stains, but not very noticeable. Our room (room 1106) was very close to the elevator and had a view of the river and I-91. You could faintly hear the cars driving through by the window. But you won’t hear them by the bed. The Sweet Sleeper king bed was very comfortable.

The pool was located in the Fitness Center on the 4th floor. I was only able to see the pool area. The place wasn’t crowded. There were only 2 people swimming. The pool was 50’ long and 3’-5’ deep. It had 3 lanes. The area had a hot tub, cold tub, sauna, 2-3 shower stalls, water fountain, and an access to an outdoor balcony where you can sunbathe. The pool had too much chlorine in it that I had to cut my swimming short coz my eyes were burning. I didn’t have my goggles with me. My eyes were red and bothered me the whole evening.

You could get wireless internet connection in the room for $8.95/day. Don’t get it, it’s not worth it. Connection was horrible in our room. When John called the front desk to ask where the connection is better, they didn’t know. The connection at the Business Center was better, but still not good.

Parking was $9.95/day for self-parking or $12.95/day for valet parking. I thought it wasn’t worth it, but I got it free with the package we got. As I said earlier, I would prefer getting a hotel in West Springfield by RT-5 for the location and most of the hotel there have free parking.

Usually included in the room rate is a free daily newspaper. But you can get $0.75 credit if you cancel delivery of the newspaper by calling the front desk.


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