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DIY: Paddle Fan Program

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
80lb (or heavier) cover stock 8.5×11
fan handle or tongue depressor (popsicle stick may be too small)

cutter, scissors, computer, printer, round-corner puncher (optional)

Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Round Corner Punch-Small (round corner puncher), Herma Dotto (adhesive), Classic Crest Solar White 80lb (paper), Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 80lb (recycled paper), fan handle

One piece of paddle fan can be printed on one 8.5″ x 11″ paper. One side (left or right) of the template is the front of the fan while the other is the back. The fans measure approximately 5 1/4″ x 6 1/2″. My template includes 4 different shapes you can choose from.

Click here to download template

Adding an image background
Add your image by clicking INSERT from the top menu then PICTURE. You can either insert a clipart or an image file. Select your image by clicking on it. Right click on the image then click FORMAT PICTURE. Click the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT under Wrapping Style. Click OK. Now you can drag your image to anywhere you want it. Notice that your image appears behind your texts.

Cut on solid lines. You may use cutter or X-acto knife for the straight lines. Use scissors for the curved lines. You can use a round-corner cutter for the corners of the basic shape. Do not cut the dashed lines in the middle connecting the left and the right parts. Score and fold on the dashed lines in the middle.

Apply adhesive to one tip of your fan handle or tongue depressor. Insert your paddle or tongue depressor in between the folded fan and press to adhere.

For the Petal Fan Program template and instructions, click here.



Thanks for the nice guide :)

That was nice of you to put this up, but I still love the other fans better. Love this page….

Thanks so much for this idea. We get married in July and would like to make our own paddle fans. Unfortunately I cannot download template. Could you please send to email address above.

Thanks so much for this idea. We get married in July and would like to make our own paddle fans. Unfortunately I cannot download template. Could you please send to

do you have a shell template?

where do you get your paper from? do you have any problems printing on such thick paper?? I have a lazer printer will that work?

How did you glue them together? Is there a special type of glue that you used for the programs?

Unable to download template, could you please email it to me? Thanks so much.

Hi Laura… my printer provides the paper. But you can buy online at I’ve had experience printing on them using Canon Pixma and I never had problems. I suggest using printer with the feeder tray opposite the tray where the paper comes out.

Hi Linda… I love using the Herma Dotto. You can click on the link above under Recommended.

These are so cute!! They’ll be perfect for our summer wedding! Do you know of a website to download the cute flowers & doodles that I have seen on so many of the fans?? Thanks!

Hi Keri… you can google Microsoft clipart and you can use dingbats as well, has them.

Thank you sooooooo much for posting this i have been looking for weeks for a fan program template, they are for my wedding day. You are a life saver! These are not easy to find.

thank you as well, for posting this template. I am doing some fan programs for a friend, and you have just saved my day! this is so easy!

Hello, Is it possible if you can send me a heart shape template so I can do a heart shape paddle fan please! Thanks Kindly Rochelle

Is it possible for someone to please send me the templates for both the paddle and the fan? to

Can you e-mail me the template for the paddle fan please

i too am unable to download the paddle fan templates. can u please e-mail them to me??? thank you:)

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I can’t download the template though. Could someone please email it to me at Also where can I get the sticks? Has anyone used paint stirrers. They seem to long and thick, but haven’t been able to find anything else. My wedding is in 2 weeks. Help!!!!

LOVE THEM! could you please send me the template too!! do you have any shell ones?? thanks


You ROCK! I thought I was going to have to pay $200+ for my wedding program fans. I wanted to do it myself, but I’m not creative and didn’t have a clue where to start, so thanks a million!

It was so very kind of you to provide the templates and detailed instructions for a bride-on-a-budget DIY project! I really appreciate your kindness.


i am assuming then if i make a donation i then get an access code so i can download the templates?

brooke… u don’t have to give a donation. you can download the templates right here without donation.

hmmm when i try to download the templates a little box pops up and asks me for my username and my password???? does anyone have any suggestions?

brooke… that is so weird. it’s not supposed to that. unfortunately i’m in a public computer right now so i’m unable to download it for you. but here’s the direct address of the file:


what’s the approximate cost for the all the supplies to make the paddle fans? do craft stores usually sell the paper in bulk or individual sheets?


Thank you so much for posting these online for free. I love the different shapes you made. It will be hard to choose which one to use! I’m making my own wedding program fans and this is a life-saver.

I recommend using a box cutter over a exacto knife, as thick paper can break the blade. Once I’m finished, I plan to tie cute ribbon at the base of the fan around the stick.

I cannot download the template. Can you please send it to me via email at I would love a seashell design if you have it available. I tried everything to get it download off the site

I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly – I am using the first template shown on this page. When I print a sample the dotted lines show up – are these the lines I am supposed to be cutting using my x-acto knife? or am I confused?

Could you please send me the template for the 4 piece wedding fans attached with the ribbon?
Can the paper needed be run through a ink jet printer?

I too am looking for a sea shell

I am unable to download the fan templates. Would
you please email them to me?

Thank You

I am unable to download the fan templates. Would you please email them to me? My email addy is

Thanks so much

This is such clever idea. I saw these fans at a wedding I attended this summer and decided I wanted to use them for a high school reunion at the beach…any idea where I might get a tiger paw print template. I’m awful at Google searches. Thanks so much for sharing this, very generous of you, Aylee!!

It will be hard to choose which one to use! I’m making my own wedding program fans and this is a life-saver.

I recommend using a box cutter over a exacto knife, as thick paper can break the blade. Once I’m finished, I plan to tie cute ribbon at the base of the fan around the stick.

If possible can you please help me with changing the color of the barcode. I used the orginal template of the boarding pass save the date and can not get the barcode the color I want it. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Thanks in Advance for all your help.

These are so wonderful, you are a blessing. Do you have a heart shaped template or can you direct me to a page that has them. The program is for my wedding and the theme is hearts because my engagement ring has a heart shaped diamond. Please help me if you can. Thank you in advance.

i love you i love you i love you!!! i have been searching for hours on google and couldnt anyone who really gives a template!!!!!!!! thannnnnnnnnnk you so much!!!

I am unable to download the fan templates. Would you please email them to me?


Can you please email me the fan templates? Thanks so much

Thx so much for posting this- I cant wait to make mine- you are a lifesaver! Do you put the adhesive on the paddle and also around the edges too? Im confused?

Hi Julie, you can put the adhesive anywhere, but I do suggest putting them on the edges.

I am getting married May 30th and it is going to be an outdoor wedding! These wonderful for the programs, but I too am having problems downloading the template! :( Would you please email me the template at Thank you so much! You saved me!

I am unable to downlaod the paddle fan template, could you please email it to me. As the mother of the bride – I am now sure I can do this – but I would like to try. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated

I never saw an answer if you have the shell template and can I make these on an ink jetter?

How do you print the templates without the doted line down the center?

Hi Julie… select the dotted line by clicking on it then press the delete button. This line shouldn’t appear when the fans are assembled. The lines should be inside when you fold the fan in the middle.

i tried a sample run to see how it would print, and i can’t get the right edge of the fan template to print out. do you have any suggestions? i’m trying to figure this out before i buy all the materials.

in addition to my above comment, i also have the same problem julie has. i can’t delete the dotted lines w/out deleting the paddle fan template. any suggestions? thanks!

Hi Tina… I’m not sure why the right edge gets cut off when you print them out, but try selecting the whole template and move a little to the left. Hopefully that will solve the problem. As for the dotted line, if you can’t delete it alone, right-click on it then select Ungroup. Then click on the dotted line again then press the Delete button. Do this though after you move the template.


i love this idea for my wedding, i would be extremely grateful if you could email me the heart and shell shaped templates!! thank you so much jay

Hello, I am excited about the fan programs but, unfortunately I couldn’t download it could you please send it to my email address. My daughter is getting married in July. This is just what we’ve been looking for.

You have helped so many brides with these fans. I, too, would like to make them for my daughter’s July wedding and I’m having no luck downloading the template. I would appreciate it if you could email it to me. It’s going to be hot outside in Memphis. Thanks

Hi, trying to download fans, my son is getting married and I’m planning the wedding, very excited.

Hi Jeanette… I tried to email you the template, but it bounced back.


Can you send me the template. I’ve been looking all over for these!



Hi! I love your site, love your ideas, but can’t seem to get the template for the fans programs. I like the one without the paddle to it, however will try those anyway. Thanks so much!

These are beautiful. However, when I downloaded the template most of them are off from the page. It says “text here” at the ver top but then the actual outline doesn’t start until half way down the page and then overlaps on the next page. Is this fixable? I’m getting married in 11 days so I need to get these finished!

[...] Paddle Fans by Aylee Bits [...]

Any chance you could please email the templates? Having trouble downloading….thanks.

Can you please email me the templates too?

Thank You so much!!!!!!!

can u please email me the fan temp having trouble downloading?

Hi! I want to make program fans, they are going to be real simple b/c i want to make 100. How difficult would it be to use one of your templates?

Do you have a template in the shape of a dove?

If you have the dove template please email it to me at

i am trying to download the templates can u send it in adobe so i can print it.

Hi tshan… I’m sorry but the template is not available in Adobe.

what about ms works? i dont have word i think the publisher might work for me too. New computer didnt come with much.


Thank this is soo cool! I’ve been trying to save money and since my wedding is on 09/03/09, Labor Day weekend, I wanted to provide my guests with fans. I love that I can combine the two-into-one! Now I just have find reddish-orange or pumpkin colored card stock.


This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I am unable to download them. Could someone please email the template at Thank you!

Will someone please email me the template. I am getting married in 10 days and would like to do these fans. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this my girlfriend is getting married and is have an outdoor ceremony and this will be a great program idea
once again thanks

Thank you for this great idea. I am helping my friend with her wedding.

Thank you so much for the great idea Aylee… I am planning a wedding on a shoe string budget and this DIY fan program is just what I was looking for. But unfortunately I can’t seem to download the templates. If you can email it to me I would appreciate it very much.

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

Love the idea but I am unable to download the template. Please e-mail the template

hi..tnx for the guide..

Could you e-mail me the paddle fan template? I can’t get it to download.

Love your fan, could you please email the template as I can’t down load it. I would like the one that spreads out not the paddle one. Thank you, this will be a great program for our wedding in July.:)

Could you please e-mail the template as I’m unable to download…


What have you found to be the best adhesive for these fans? Thanks!

[...] I found a template for program fans here. I chose a shape and used a very advanced computer program called Microsoft Word to type in the [...]

Could you please email me the template for the basic paddle fan as I am unable to download it? Thanks!! I love these fans!!

Thanks for the templates, I will save so much money making them myself instead of ordering them. But I can’t seem to download them. I get some kind of error message. Can you email them to me, please. Thanks again.

I really have looked everywhere for a template such as this. I have a problem that I am not sure can work. I only have Microsoft Works on my computer. How can I get this to open in Works? If you email it to me, can I open it in Works?

it wont let me download the templates could some one please e-mail them to me at Thank you

Could you please email the basic paddle fan for I am unable to download it. I plan to use this for my daughter’s wedding in July. Love the paint paddle’s. You can paint them white. Thanks

Could you please email me the template, I am also unable to download? Also will this work on a MAC?

The templates are really a blessing I will be making them for my church but I can’t seem to down load them. Could you please e-mail them to me.


[...] Credit: Steve Thompson INSTRUCTIONS: Courtesy of the Aylee Bits Blog: Visit for the templates and more DIY [...]

Thanks for sharing these! This is a huge help and I am so grateful that you made it so easy (and free : )

Hi! This looks like a great idea! Can you please email me the template? Thanks! :)

It doesn’t have an insert option at the top of my screen. HELP!

I can’t type or add pics to the template? Anyone help??

[...] that much other “stuff”. But since I’m stubborn:Programs, made on a template from, printed on extra paper from our invitations. At Kinko’s.Paper pomanders, made from [...]

THANK YOU! This was a huge help.

I’m unable to download the template. I really want to use this for my wedding. Could you please email it to me. Thank You!

I am unable to download the template, i have a mac book. Please help. I love the fan idea and would like to do it for my outdoor wedding this summer.
Thank you

When I click on the picture to format, it does not let me choose a wrapping for my photo. I see them but they are not click able.

I purchased the fan program and I’m unable to download it!!!

Hi! Can you please e-mail me the template for this? Thanks so much!

These are fantastic!! Oh i really didnt mean to use a pun! Anyway..I wanted something different and these are great! I saw someone else alternate theback of the fan with word searches, mad libs and fill in the blanks! What a great idea to entertain the guests as well as lil hands! they added pencils to it, but that might be a safety hazard for small children! Thank you for posting this and I will definately recommend this site to everyone I know!! PS. if you have cookies blocked.. it might be difficult to download, so go to the link they proveded in response to someones question. THANKS!!!

I love this idea. Could you please email me the template. I couldn’t download it. Thanks!

i am having a hard time downloading this as well…. i download the link and no template… can you email it to me? Thanks ssoooooo much!

I have saved the Paddle and Fan templates as a doc file, but the cut lines are not printing, also the paddle template shows all of the shapes just as plain rectangles. Do I have to have Word or will this template work in Works? Thanks,

Having a hard time downloading the template for the paddle fan? Could you email this to me please? I would also like to link it to my blog once I get it. Thanks

Hi I really like to use the fan program for my wedding next week. I need a template of the fan with the swirl on top that I could change color. Will you please help me….asap..I’m towards deadline. thank you so much.

I found on another site to use paint stir sticks! great idea. you can get them at home depot, they give them away for free, i got 50 with no problem, cut them to whatever length you want, and then spray painted them in a color of the wedding. hope this helps, i had a real problem finding the right size sticks.

Thanks so much for the guide! You have made my wedding planning much easier! :-D

I will be trying these out very soon

Hope they work out well

Hi Aylee,

Can you please email me the template? Thanks so much!

Hi Aylee, you mentioned that the line shouldn’t appear when the fans are assembled and the lines should be inside when you fold the fan in the middle. How can that be if the program is printed on that side too?


Hi… These look great, but I can’t download the template so could you please email it to me? Thanks so much!

Thank you Aylee,

These made my life so much easier when it came to making my fans!
They look great!

Can’t download template. Can you please email it to me? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I love these but could not get them to download, could you please email me the template? I have been searching for a paddle fan just like this for my wedding in a few weeks…Thanks so much.

Please email me the template. It’s getting down to the wire on these. Thanks!

my computer wont allow me to edit the picture to wrap behind is their anyway to fix that?

Thanks these are wonderful. Creating a program fan for our church, they will love these.

Thanks Again!

First of all I wish you a speeding recovery since I hear you are currently ill. I would love to do the 5 leaf fan for my upcoming wedding on Jun 30th. Can you please email me the template and instructions so I can try to do 200 programs…thanks in advance..

Thank you so much for the use of the template for Wedding Fans. My son is getting married Aug. 4th and I think they will come in handy!

Can you tell me what people are doing to cut their fans?

Would you please email me the template? I am unable to download them. Thanking you in advance.

Great idea thanks! I cannot get the templete to work could you please email it to me? thank you in advance :)

i also couldn’t open the template. Can you please email?

Thank you!!!

Thanks so much, I have been looking for this paddle fan, but I cannot download the template, could you send it to my email…..thanks ……..

Could you please email the shell fan template?
Thank you!!

I’m unable to download the template. Can you email to me? Thanks.

I Love your Wedding Fans so much! Please send me the template! Thanks

[...] I saw the idea of program fans somewhere in my endless DIY wedding internet search.  I used this template: [...]

Thank you so much!

I love these as my daughters wedding is coming up in June. could some email me the template for the semi scallop paddle.

Thank you for this!I don’t have round corner punchers so the basic template was really helpful. I’m using this to make paddle fans for our wedding programs. Will share this on my blog and credit it to you. I used 220gsm cream-colored board, double-sided tape and jumbo popsicle sticks for this. That’s it. And my printer is the plain ink-jet printer, not even laser, but it turned out pretty as well.

I can’t get this to download but would love to use. Can you please email it to me? Thanks so much

I can’t get get this to download. Would you please email it to me? Thanks

Would you please e-mail me your paddle fan template?

Thank you!!!

I have been unable to download the paddle fan templates. Can you email them to me? Thank you so much. jh

Unable to download the paddle fan templates. Can you email them?

I appreciate you providing this for those who don’t have a clue where to start. However your template is unwieldy to use & will not let me paste multiple items or place them where I need. Also I have four varieties of the program I need to create & your template will not allow me copy it for separate designs. Thank you for your time, Lyssa

[...] {Look at all of these beautiful designs! All 4 of them are free to download at Aylee Bits!} [...]

Hello, can u email me the template for the fans? I was gonna order them off etsy but the lady will not reply. Thanks.

Hello, can you please email me the template for the fans?

Hello, Can you please email me the template for the paddle fans? thank you

Hello, could you possible email me the basic template?

I am having problems with the margins….I have been trying for a few weeks now. I have 15 days until the wedding. Is there some way that you could give me some guidance on this.

Thank you!

What a great find!
However, I am not able to format the picture to allow the Type to be overtop. Any ideas?

Could someone please email me the template, I am unable to download as well. Thank You!!

Can you please email me the paddle fan templates. I’m in such need of these . It won’t download . I will facebook post your site. Thanks

thank you for this guide and template, i am a new wedding planner/coordinator and this has added more elegance to the programs, you are really talented. God Bless!

Exactly what i was looking for! Thank you!

Could you please email me the basic fan template? Thank you

I am having the same problem as everyone else I am unable to download, unless I have to use a different engine other that chrome.
Would love to use

Thank you so much for the template ideas for my wedding. They are great. x

I am also having trouble with the margins. The right side of the paddle won’t print and it says its outside of the printable area. I have even changed the margins to 0 but with no luck. There is plenty of room, but I can’t figure out why it wont work. Any suggestions?

Thank you so very much for all that you did for trying to help us all with making fans. I am attempting to surprise my church with new church fans. My question to you is, do you or can you get this template in Photoshop? That is the only way that I can design the fans as I please and place their logos along with their proper informaton. I am praying that you have this in Photoshop “PSD” format. Again, thanks for everything. BTW, you can email me anytime if you have the infromation on how to open it in Photoshop.

[...] See a variety of templates for fan shapes. [...]

Hello There. I found your blog using msn. That is a very well
written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and come
back to learn more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post.
I’ll definitely return.

Just sharing some things that worked for me when printing the paddle fans I made. 1) Even though I have MS Word 2013, the Alyeebits template is in Word 97-2003 (Compatibility Mode). The file extension is .doc, not .docx. Attempts to save the template in another version of Word and editing that resulted in the right side not printing. You MUST use the version of word the template was created in to create your paddle fans. 2) Using the Design tab in Word, I inserted a photo as a Custom Watermark for the background on the fan. You may need to adjust the scale of the watermark to make it fit on the page the way you want. I had mine at 154% 3) I have a Canon MX860 printer and was able to use 80# paper, but the paper must be loaded into the rear tray, not the normal cassette. 4) If you have a good pair of scissors, you really don’t need to buy a corner rounder. 5) If you don’t have a scorer, you can create the crease using a butter knife (because it has no blade) and the back of a spoon to smooth it out. I learned that on YouTube, tried it, and it worked great! :) I am not really a crafty person, but this template and the fact that I love to figure things out all worked together to create something quite nice for my daughter’s June wedding. I am SO pleased with how the fans turned out.

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We can create printed fans or sell the artwork only for DIY.

Thank You

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