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I’m back

It’s been so long since I could touch a computer and really do something with it.  I’ve been sick since February 4.  After a few days, I thought I was better, but then a new symptom surfaced and I got worse.  Today is probably my least symptomatic day since the 4th.  But I still had the splitting headache this morning and cough throughout.  The headaches were the worst.  They were so painful that I could hardly move.  I could feel my pulse on my head.

I know I’ve mentioned about my ear earlier and most of my friends thought I was sick because of my ear.  No, I wasn’t.  The ear is a different problem I have to take care of.  I had to reschedule everything from my MRI to my doctor’s appointments this past 2 weeks because of my illness.

Sigh.  It’s getting a bit frustrating… after missing out on 3, possibly 4 classes, and running way behind work.  But hopefully tomorrow will be the beginning of another healthy episode of my life.

I want to thank everybody for their prayers and well wishes.  I greatly appreciate them.

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Hi, just found your site and I just wanted to say thanks for a great website. You have a lot of interesting stuff on here, and the design is nice.

I have been sick a lot this month too, it seems a lot of people have. A guy I work with just had bronchitis. Glad you are feeling better!

All the best,

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