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I’ve listed references, aggregators, booking/travel agents, and others on my travel page.  Now I’ve added the following travel tools as well, under Tools of course.  Click here to see the whole list.

It is pretty hard to keep track of your mileage especially when you are a member of several frequent flyer programs.  Some programs even give you hard-to-remember usernames!  The MileageManager can help you keep track of your accounts all in one place.  It provides account summary, elite-status summary, expiration summary, recent activity summary, program activity and bonuses and guides, award schedules, email alerts and more.

Often times, it is possible to choose your seat on a flight you purchased.  But how would you know what seats to choose without knowing more about the seats of the plane.  SeatGuru gives you the info you need to choose.  It gives you a seating chart of the plane that shows good seats, ‘be aware’ seats, poor seats, seat details, exit locations, galley, lavatory, power ports, closet, and more.

FlightStats is a great tool to have on the day you travel.  You can track flight status, check airport delays and security wait times, rate flights and airports, and more.  It’s free to register.

LongTermParking makes it easy for you to find off-airport parking that costs a lot less than airport parking.  The best part is that most, if not all off-airport parking listed at LongTermParking offers free shuttle to and from the terminal.  Some even offer free valet service.  Just click on your state and your airport and you get a list of off-airport parking plus discount coupons for additional savings.

For those who believes “the more, the merrier” adage, this tool is great for you.  TravBuddy allows you to find people traveling to the same destination at the same time as you.  In addition, you can share your experiences by creating a travel blog and write reviews.  It’s free to register.

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