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It’s been a while since I’ve added new monogram designs to the monogram design collection.  I still have more, but I still have to find the time to set them up and upload them.  I tried to upload the more basic ones first:

monogram monogram

monogram    monogram

Recently, I created a boarding pass for a child’s birthday party.  It was actually my first time to create a kiddy theme.  I’m so used to creating wedding boarding passes, that I had to browse through all my fonts to find more kiddy types.  Here’s a sample of the birthday party invitation:



The boarding pass is a really neat idea and looks great!

I just saw the birthday party boarding pass and I think it’s great! It would be perfect for my Girl Scout event: World Thinking Day. Thanks! Ann

Thank you :)

Hi there. I love the green monogram. Can you pls contact me and let me know how much would you charge for that? Thanks

Hi Springb2b… thank you :) . You can order the monogram at The cost is $5 per 2 monograms.

Hi May i know what font do you use for that monogram on 1st top left? It looks cool

Hi Charlene… due to the nature of our work at Aylee Designs, we are unable to provide details of the design including fonts used.

My daughter’s 9th birthday is fast approaching and we are having an “around the world in 9 days” theme. I really want the boarding pass invitations above. Can someone contact me ASAP, so I can order them from you? I am ready with all the details.

Hi Lisa… you can download the template at I’m sorry but the specific design above is not available.

I was looking for a broadind pass for a baby shower. We do know the baby will be a boy. I love the invite you did for the kid birthday party. thanks carla

I am very excited to find your boarding pass invitations. I’ve been searching for some time and yours is perfect. Can you please contact me at the email provided to discuss ordering. I am on a relatiely tight time frame so the sooner the better :)

Thank you.


please shoot me an email. I am looking for the template for the boarding pass design and cant seem to find it on your web. also do you make them? shoot me your phone number so that i can contact you.



I am interested in your boarding pass invitations to use as save the dates. Can you let me know how much it would cost for 100. Would I be able to customize the design

Aylee, I’m interested in purchasing save-the-date boarding passes for my beach destination wedding but can’t get in your site? How can I go about ordering some?


I love the childrens boarding pass, my son is turning one and his name is Jett so I would like to know how I can get these invitations.

Hi, I love your design on wedding monogram and would like to order some designs from you. However, I cannot access to your offical design website. Can you please send me the details to my email? Thanks very much!!

Aylee, I wanted to see if you are still doing monograms. I’ve tried to enter your site and haven’t had any success. Would you email me? I have another bride that is interested in securing your monograms.



I, too, am having problems accessing your site. I love your monograms and I am in the wedding planning process. Could you please email me as well?

Thanks so much!

Aylee, I find your site to very helpful with the DIY invites. Thanks for all of the great Templates and tuturials. I am intersted in the Monograms how do I get those . Thanks

Thank you for the sweet words Kim! To purchase monograms, please go to

[...] More at Aylee Designs – Aylee BitsPosted by Aylee. September 21, 2007. It’s been a while since I’ve added new monogram designs to the monogram design collection. I still have more, but I still … [...]

Hi Aylee! Would you be able to explain to me how you changed the color of the barcode? I would like the bar code to be a different color, not in black.

Thank you for your time.

Also, I will be interested in ordering 1 monogram. :)

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