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DIY: Petal Toss Cones

IMG_0693b IMG_0693c
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How I Did It

Materials (per set)
1 vellum or paper 8.5×11 or 8″x8″
3 feet of 3/8″ ribbon
adhesive or vellum tape

For stores, click here

scissors, cutter, computer, printer

One paper cone can be printed on one 8.5″x11″ paper.  My template has four pages.  First page is an introduction. Second page is for the outside of the cone, third page for the inside, and fourth page includes an instructions diagram.  There are two available templates:

8.5×11 paper creates a height of approximately 12″
Click template above to download

8×8 paper creates a height of approximately 10″
Click template above to download

 There’s also a template for a different style petal cone that you can download at

Print the first page (the outside), turn the paper, and print the second page on the back.  Using the cutter, cut through the solid and dashed lines.

Apply adhesive on area A.  Roll the paper so side B is on top of area A and covering it.  Press to glue them together.

Slide ribbon through the slits (the small cuts).  On solid line slits, ribbon goes from outside to the inside of the cone, while ribbon goes from the inside to the outside of the cone on dashed line slits.  Begin on slit C.  Leave about 8 to 10 inches or more (depending on where you’re hanging the cone) of ribbon between slit D and E.  This loop will be used to hang your petal cone.  End on slit F.  An instructions diagram with the direction of ribbon, is provided with the template (similar to below). 

The two ends of the ribbon will end up in front of the cone.  Tie them together.  You can tie a tag with instructions, your monogram or name or whatever you choose, with the ribbon.  Fill it with petals and you’re all set.


are these really big? can this be use for candy buffet?

can you email me the template? I cannot download it from the links

It took me a while but I finally got it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Take care.

You are a genous, been searching every where for cone templates and yours are pecfect for my favors

Can you email this to me, as I am unable to download it, and I love love LOVE this!!! Thank you so much!

Hi! Can you email me the template as well. I am unable to download. These are realy awesone. Thank you!

Hi! I could not see enlarged pictures of petal toss cone.
Is it possible to e-mail me pictures of design?Thanks

If possible can you e-mail me the the enlarged picture and template of the petal toss cone, It’s beautiful

Could you please send me the template for these petal toss cones. These are sooo awesome! Beautiful!
Thank you!

Can you email me the template as well

These look so pretty. I love them. Can you email me the template?

I am so excited for my beach wedding. Can u email me the toss cone template please? Thank you!!!

The picture looks very pretty, but am not able to open the template. Not sure on which size I would like to use. Could you please email me both of the template’s.
Thank you ahead of time.

Hi i could not get the template could you please email .me them as well. Thanks you

I can’t seem to download the template from this website. COuld you please send it to me??

Can you please email me the template? These are perfect for my summer wedding!

Can you email me the template, can I add words to it, I would like to be able to customize it for my wedding in less than a week and I am struggling with what I have found online. I would greatly appreciate it

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