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DIY: Favor Tags

Materials (per set)
1 80lb (or heavier) cover/cardstock 8.5×11

For stores, click here

cutter, eyelet-setting tools, computer, printer

18 favor tags can be printed on one 8.5″x11″ 80lb cardstock. The tags each measure 2.5″ from left to right and 2.5″ from top to bottom.

Click template above to download

To add a border
Make sure the DRAWING toolbar is visible. Click VIEW > TOOLBARS and make sure DRAWING is checked. From the DRAWING toolbar, click AUTOSHAPES > BASIC SHAPES > diamond. Then draw your diamond on the tag where you want your border to be. Select the diamond, right-click and click FORMAT AUTOSHAPE. A window will appear where you can modify the width, style, color, etc of your diamond border.  Under the COLORS AND LINES tab, select No Fill from the drop-down menu under Fill > Color.

Resizing the tags
If you want to resize the tags, do this before putting any info on them, but after you added the border (if any).   Make sure the DRAWING toolbar is visible. Click VIEW > TOOLBARS and make sure DRAWING is checked. From the DRAWING toolbar, click the SELECT OBJECTS (arrow) button.  Using the arrow, select all tags by dragging the cursor from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the paper.  A border appears around the whole area with tags.  Drag the lower right corner of this border to resize the tags.

Cut on the lines after printing. To set the eyelet on the top portion of the favor tag, click here. You may also choose to have rounded corners by using a round-corner cutter.

2/25/08:  Directions for resizing the tags are posted above


This is such a helpful and useful site. Thank you so much for providing it and for putting the templates on as well. It’s a life saver!!! :)

Thank you and you’re very welcome. I’m glad I could help :) .

Hi there!
This is a great template, thank you for putting it out there! I do have a question though, how do you add a border to each of the tags? Thank you so much for your help!

Rebecca… thank you. I emailed you with instructions for adding borders.

What a great site! Could you also send me the instructions on how to add the borders? Thanks :)

Would also love to receive instructions for borders… thanks so much for this helpful site!

you both have mail!

This site is great! Can you please email me the instruction for adding a border as well. Thanks!

I love your template! I am a bride to be and would also love to learn how you created the border. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I would also like the border instructions… or how I could insert a picture/drawing behind the text. Thanks so much!!!

I love your template as well! I tried to figure out how to create a border, but I couldn’t! Can you please send me the instructions?? Thanks!

Add me to the list who appreciate this template but cannot figure out how to add the border to each tag. Can you email me as well? TIA!

Love the site. The template is such a saver! Can you please send me the instructions to add the border? Thanks again!

This is a great and very helpful site. I’m creating my own favor tags for my upcoming wedding. Can you please send me the instructions to add the border to each tag? Thanks in advance.

I finally was able to add the instructions to add a border.

Ok, maybe I’m slow but I can’t add the border based on the instructions. I get one diamond with a border but not the entire page. If anyone can help please e-mail me at

Great site!

Okay, I must be doing something wrong. I love these tags but when I click on the template it comes up in a wordpad document form. How do I get the actual template????? Thanks Becky.

Hi Aylee…how do i make the favor tag smaller than your template…cause my wedding favour is too small for your template..pls help..thanks

Please e-mail me the info on how to add the borders!

Thank you~

Do you have any suggestions for obtaining more font color options than the 12-or-so offered in Word? Or would it be possible to get the template in a JPG/TIFF format so that it can be used in Photoshop?

I can’t figure out the border either! I tried to thicken the lines in between but that means it won’t be even when I cut them out?? Can you send me the instructions as well?

Hi, Aylee: Lovely template. Your creativity and style are VERY impressive. I’ll be visiting again soon. Thanks for being so generous with your work — it’s inspiring. – SC

Did anyone ever figure out how to add the border? Also, did anyone learn how to reduce the size of the template?

No, I tried to follow the instructions above and I can’t figure out the border! I kinda given up…

I have figured out how to do the borders if anyone needs help. You have to first save the template to your computer some place maybe like your desktop and then follow the directions. MINE CAME OUT AWESOME!

I also figured out how to do the borders with Aylee’s instructions. My tags look fantastic and took all of 15 minutes to do! THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you! These helped a lot! Would you be able to email the border instructions as well.

Hi Tammy… the instructions are posted above.

I am failing to do the boaders. When l try to put the autoshape the text is covered and l cant see it. Where am l getting it wrong

hiii gail:)*smiLeS*haLikS*yakapS*:) sorry i don’t have your e-mail addie…otherwise i would have sent you an e-card by now:) i had just wanted to wish you a very happy, happy birthday:)
wishing you
dreams in your heart,
love in your world,
and the beautiful day
you deserve
for being so special!
happy birthday gail:)
have a happy and smiley day:)

I am not getting the borders either. When l try to put the autoshape the text is covered and l cant see it, it is covered up?? Help!!!!

I figured it out, you have to format, position, bring to front your text!!!

I tried to add a border by following the directions but can’t get it to work. Can you please help?

Amy, did you get the border on there?? Is the text hidden?

Hi Aylee
Love your designs. I recently tried to add a border to your diamond favor tags. I am using Word, and can find the tabs..etc. That your mentioned in the instructions.
Is there another template that all ready has the places to cut out the tags. I have printed them several times but to know avail.
Thanks for helping a bride…all the way to a melt down…lol.

when i open this its wordpad… can someone help please.

Thank you so much for this template. I’m less than a month away from my wedding and was starting to panic! You are a lifesaver. Thank you for adding the final touch to our special day!

Tanya, this is very helpful. But i don’t know how to put borders. Can u help me pls? Thank you so much.

Aylee, thank you so much. I was able to make my favor tag. thumbs up!

Rose did you get it? I can email you what I have if you like!

Great site! Thanks for the template and I hate to bother you but I’d also like to know how you entered the border.
I’ve been trying for the past hour but no luck!
Thanks either way.

Nevermind!!! sorry to bother you…
Just saw your post at the top of the page.
Guess my eyes were being lazy.
Thanks !!

I do not believe this

I have designed the tag just how I like it, but now how do I copy the entire thing into all of the other tags on the page?


can you send me a copy of your template? i cannot download it. my email address is:



I was wondering how you added the background picture of the palm tree and starfish to the favor tag? I have added border and our names and wedding date but I’m not able to add a background picture. Any suggestions or clues would be greatly appreciated!

Did anyone ever figure out how to add a background picture to the favor tag? HELP! Thanks!

Thank you Georgianna :) . You can follow the instructions “Adding an image background” on the Fan Programs post:

I would like the instructions on how to add a border to the tags. Your website is wonderful. Thanks

Hi Judy… thank you :) I have posted the instructions on the post above under “To add a border”

Whenever I print my tags I lose the grey guide. It shows up on the print preview, just not on paper. Any thoughts? Thank you for all of your brilliant templates and such!

Oops! It should have said grey “cutting” guide in the above post. Thanks.

i dont know what im doing wrong but i cant understand how to add a border. Help please! =(

i got it now!! i was going through a dyslexic moment hehe love your work !! =)

Thank you for the template. I am helping my sister out with favors & invitations for a very low cost wedding. This template will help us achieve our low cost budget! Thanks again, it’s perfect!

Thank you for this great Idea!
did anyone find out how to coppy the one tag I created ( border and all)to all of the other tags on the page??
any help would be appreciated!

Select the objects in your original tag while pressing CTRL button. Once all are selected, press CTRL-C to copy, then press CTRL-V to paste. Before clicking on another area (while the copy is still selected), move the copy to where you need it.

This website is wonderful…I wish I had found it many things I could have done on my own for my wedding. Now I’m using it for my sons 1st birthday party and my thank you favor tags look awesome. Your instructions are easy to understand too. Looking forward to using your website for so many other projects.

Hi, I’m not able to add the border…can I get the instructions, I tried the above but my text is hidden. Thanks!

Hi Staci… have you tried selecting “No Fill” under the Fill Option?

Yes I tried and still can’t seem to format it correctly. Is there anyway to send me a sample with words and a border so I can type over? Thanks!

Staci… you got mail.

Hi, thank you s much, your site is such a lifesaver, i just need help please in placing brders and pics, please help. thnk again

You are a genius and lifesaver. Thank you so very much for sharing your creativity with us!!! You ROCK!

I am so happy to find this site and your template. Thank you so much. My problem is, I am able to add the border but once the border is in I can not add visable text. If I add a text box then a literal BOX appears when I print; any suggestions?
Again thanks so much for making/sharing this template.

Can you send me the instructions for the border of the tags?

These worked perfectly! They gave the right touch to my favors!

Thanks so much for posting these, they’re great! I am also having some trouble though adding text once I’ve added the border… If you could help me with that I’d really appreciate it!


Great template. If I change one tag, how do I change the rest?? I’m stuck!


Hi. Thank you so much. Great template.

I am so thankful I found these! Thank you for sharing! I also don’t understand how to add borders though, I think it may be because I am using MS Word 2007?

thank you so much for sharing your template! my baby shower tags came out fantastic!

Thank you so much for sharing your template!

thank you so much for this great help!

Hi there im trying to get the border for the templates to work…can someone plz send me the instructions for the border.

Thanks, email is

Hi Toya,

Here are the instructions:
Make sure the DRAWING toolbar is visible. Click VIEW > TOOLBARS and make sure DRAWING is checked. From the DRAWING toolbar, click AUTOSHAPES > BASIC SHAPES > diamond. Then draw your diamond on the tag where you want your border to be. Select the diamond, right-click and click FORMAT AUTOSHAPE. A window will appear where you can modify the width, style, color, etc of your diamond border. Under the COLORS AND LINES tab, select No Fill from the drop-down menu under Fill > Color.

Thanks Aylee for posting this!!! Can you please send me the directions for making borders? Is it possible to add a background image as well? Thanks again!!!

Never mind about the border – found it on your blog!! Just need info on the background image. Thanks.

Hi Lola, to insert an image, click INSERT > PICTURE > FROM FILE. You will have then to format the image by right-clicking on it, select FORMAT PICTURE, then under LAYOUT, select BEHIND TEXT.

[...] what I was looking for! The template and instructions I am sharing with you comes from ”Aylee Bits“ site. The site has tons of other templates for those [...]

Hi Ayle:
Your web and instructions are great!
But I need help!
I need for my daughter’s bridal a tag like yours but with a J(Jessica)inside the circle.
Also, do you have any menu template?

Pse could you send me the instructions.

Hi – love the template for the diamond favor tags – recently upgraded to Microsoft Word 2010 and having trouble making a border w/the upgraded program – any ideas?

Thanks – love your site and products


hi there – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the firefox browser “” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

Thank you so much for the template for the diamond tags!!!!! they are great!

This is Great, how can i add a border.

thank you for posting !!

wow! thank u



thank you for sharing. i will be using your diamond tag template for my daughters birthday favor :)

Very nice

Thank you so much for posting this! Can you please send me directions on how to create borders to the diamond tags! I would sincerely appreciate it!

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I can not get rid of the “Insert text here” label. If I type in the box my message goes right on top of the Insert text here but both are still on the label. I have tried delete, copy cut, and everything I can think of but “insert text here” still remains. Is it because I am using a mac? Thank you for your help!

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