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DIY: Fan Programs

fans3 fans4 fans6
070521fan04 070521fan01 070521fan03
click photos to enlarge

Click here to have it made
by me at

How I Did It

Materials (per set)
2 110lb (or heavier) cover stock 8.5×11
1 3/16″ eyelet

scissors, eyelet-setting tools, computer, printer

Crop-A-Dile (eyelet setter), Rotary Paper Trimmer (cutter), Classic Crest Natural White 110lb Cover (white paper), Vice Versa Cardstock (colored paper)

Three pieces can be printed on one 8.5″x11″ 110lb cover stock. If you’re using cardstock, make sure it’s not index coz that is thinner. First template measures approximately 7″ x 3 1/2″ (widest) and second measures approximately 7 1/2″ x 3 3/5″ (widest). My template has four pages. First page is an introduction. Page 2-4 has the template with different line widths – page 4 having the thickest and darkest. This is helpful to those using darker paper. However, I recommend using the thinnest and lightest one possible.

Click image below to download basic template

Click here to download larger basic template

Click here to purchase pre-designed template below
Pre-designed Program Fan by Aylee

Click here to download the paddle fan template

Click here to have it made

Adding an image background
Click your cursor on the empty fourth page of the template file. Add your image by clicking INSERT from the top menu then PICTURE. You can either insert a clipart or an image file. Select your image by clicking on it. Right click on the image then click FORMAT PICTURE. Click the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT under Wrapping Style. Click OK. Now you can drag your image to anywhere you want it. Notice that your image appears behind your texts.

Cut on solid lines. You may use cutter or X-acto knife for the straight lines. Use scissors for the curved lines. After all pieces are cut, it is time to put the eyelet that attaches all the pieces together. Click here for instructions on how to set the eyelet. I usually use a 3/16″ hole puncher to make the holes. It’s easier. But now I use the Crop-A-Dile to punch and set the eyelet, it is much easier to use. Tie a ribbon through the eyelet hole if you prefer.

All done and now your guests can enjoy them!


7/9/07: Larger version (7 1/2″ x 3 3/5″) of the original template is now available for download (see above).


I’m trying these for my best friends wedding. She emailed me the template she wanted me to use from somewhere online and I foolishly worked for hours on the entire thing without testing what she sent me. Now when I print it off of word it won’t show the fan pieces around the text. So, I’ve been searching for anyone else who may have been working with one of these templates, that led me to your site. I tried printing yours too and it does the same thing. How do you get the fan template to print around the text? Thanks for your help!

If you send me your email address I will send you the template that I have. It prints the lines. My issue is that the eyelet does not allow the fan pieces to move at all.

Hello! I love what you have done! Can you please tell me how you can make the fan template larger?

:) Brittney

These are great!! Is there a way to make the fan template larger?

Due to several requests, I updated the post and included a larger version of the template. It’s now available for download above.

Please note that I usually respond to comments to this post via email, not here.

Hi Aylee,

I think you totally rock. The stuff you create is beautiful and it’s wonderful of you to share it with us! I am trying to DIY a program fan (one that has a wooden stick). Do you have any templates or advise you could offer me? I was trying to do cool designs like those you have in the example above (I love the decorations and the fonts!) but it comes out looking pretty pathetic… Any advise you could offer would be greatly appriciated!

I have gotten a few requests for my copy of the template. It is the exact same one as is available for download, so I will not be sending out my copy anymore.

I did find eyelets with longer shanks at

How do you cut it? With scissors by hand?


do you know where i can buy 110lb cardstock especially in color? i seem to be able to only find 105lb cardstock or lower and mainly only in white.

Hi, Aylee. I LOVE your fan programs. I am going to attempt to DIY however I am very interested in having you create a monogram or two and perhaps help me with a design for the bottom of the fan where the eyelet goes. Do you have an email address so I can send you what I have found design wise and see if you think it’s possible and also discuss what’s on your timeline?? Thanks so much!! Thanks for sharing these fabulous ideas and your work at such a reasonable price! It really is a HUGE help especially when it’s crunch time. Have a great day! ~ Aubrey

I’m experiencing trouble with the eyelets. Are there any eyelets which allow the fan panel to move? If so where can I find them? I need to make 150 programs before Aug 12th. Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Aylee,

I emailed you but you’re booked. V. sad. I was wondering the same question as the earlier post. I am doing the fans on the wooden stick (my cutting is horrendous) and am looking for a template. Also advice about stock paper. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


How to get the template for the wedding program fan???I can’t seem to downloand

what do I need to do to get the template of the wedding program fan. Do I make a doantion? It is not very clear.

I love the program fans!! I am also wondering tne same thing as Dana. What needs to be done to use the template? I’m getting married in December and I am on a budget. I would love to try and make them myself!

Im really interested in doing the program fan myself. I have tried to download the template and can not. Are there programs this template does not work with. Can someone, please help me get this downloaded.
My email address is
Its a great idea and I have until June 2008, but I would like to make sure I can do it.

I have already started to cut and put together a few fans, but I was wondering….is there an easier way to cut these?

Hi Christine,

Unfortunately not. You can use a cutter for the straight lines, but you will have to cut the curved lines with scissors.

Can you use 80lb cardstock or is there a reason it should be 110lb?

Sarah… Yes you may use 80lb or any weight you have. 110lb will just make your fans a little less flimsy.

Hi, I love this site..Great help with program fans…just wondering would it be tacky to print a mongram on the back of the program fan and is card or cover stock better for fans?

One more question tassel or not?Thanxs

Hi Marie… I don’t think it’s tacky to print a monogram on the back. But it’s a matter of personal preference.

Cardstocks can come in either cover or index. 110lb index is thinner than 110lb coverstock so I say cover all the time. But then again, it’s all up to you what paper you want to use.

I think adding a tassel is a nice touch.

Hi Aylee.
Thank you..this is my first do it yourself project and your help is much appreciated.

You reccommend using the thinnest and lightest paper possible. Why is that? I wanted to use these programs and actually make them be able to function as a fan for an outdoor wedding. I planned on usings some type of cardstock. Will that work?

Never mind. I saw some of the other posts that discuss using cardstock.


Hi Tenesha, I was referring to the line width when I said thinnest and lightest possible.

“Page 2-4 has the template with different line widths – page 4 having the thickest and darkest. This is helpful to those using darker paper. However, I recommend using the thinnest and lightest one possible.”

Recommended materials are listed at the top under “Materials:”

Hi Aylee– thanks so much for providing the template! I’m doing all the paper goods for my sister’s wedding. I have the crop-a-dile, but am having trouble getting the fan to actually fan out once the eyelet is set. I gather from another comment further up that you need long shank eyelets. Is that correct? and if so, do you have a source to relay where I can find them? Thanks!

Also: Do you finish the eyelets with a washer on the back, or just leave them as is?

Hi Kerry,

That is right, you need the longer eyelets. sells them. In their superstore, just search for 3/16 eyelet.

No I don’t use a washer. The washer makes the pieces harder to move.

Hi Aylee -

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!! My question is, what type of printer do you recommend for printing on 110 lb+ cardstock?

I have 2 HP printers and I experience paper jams on both all the time!

Thanks for your suggestions…

Hi Kayla,

Use a printer that doesn’t fold the paper much when it prints. I usually prefer those that have the feeder and where the prints come out, on opposite sides (i.e. feeder in the back and prints out in the front). I have a Canon PIXMA and it worked great.

Hi, this is so kind of you to post! Just wondeirng if I’ll need a longer eyelet in order to connect the 6 piece fan (since common sense leads me to believe it will be a bit thicker). Can you let me know?

Again, thanks for sharing your creativity!

Hi Lisa… You’re welcome :) . I’m glad I could help. The longer eyelet can hold only up to 6 leaves if you use 110lb cover. If you’re using more, you can use brads or screwpost.

Hi Alyee,

Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and template. I know you give information at the beginning with a list of websites to order card stock from but I can’t seem to find a good one. Which one would you recommend?

I am trying to see if I will be able to do these for my wedding in May 2008.

Hi Nancie… I like

Hi Aylee,
We are making your fans for my daughter’s July 2008 wedding. We’re wondering where to find the elements you used to “decorate” the fans – such as at the top and around the grommet. Are there places on the net to download something like that?


Hi Susan… You can try cliparts or dingbats. I like Microsoft Cliparts ( and search for “flourish” or “dividers.” Most font sites have dingbats. The sites that I like are (free fonts) and and

Thanks Aylee, I’ll go to those sites to look for designs. I’m also looking for a place to order 110 weight card stock in pink – any thoughts?

Hi Susan… it is hard to find a colored 110lb coverstock. I haven’t found one online. I did find a few at Paper Presentation and some at professional printers.

Hi Aylee,

I was wondering about the link to the fonts at the beginning. I would like to use one of them but I can’t figure out how to download it to work on MS Word. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Nancie… has detailed instructions for both Windows and Mac OS. The direct link is Hope this helps!

I used 105 lb cardstock that is metallic and first it is too heavy to run through the printer and second I cannot see the lines! Ugghh! Also when you cut your fans how do you get them to be so precise. I did a pretty good mock up however the cutting just needs to be tightenedup a smidge lolol…Please help!

Hi Aylee,

You are so talented. I was wondering when do you think you might be able to make the fans again? I would love for you to make them. If not do you have a die cutter to help with the process? Happy New Year

Hello I absoulutly love your program fans and I would like to use them for my wedding. When I try to click on the template it doesn’t come up. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to email me the template. I am getting married in June and I’d like to start testing the programs. I would appericiate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Kenyatta… you got mail

Maggie… I’m looking to accepting new request by mid January

Susie… you got mail

Im having the same problem. When I try to click on the template it does not come up. Can you also email to me.

Hi Aylee,

First, I’m having a hard time cutting the paper perfectly, any sugguestions? Second, I think it’s GREAT that you share this information with the public. Third, You are truly a gifted artist!

Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

Thank you so much Betty :) . I usually find it easier to move the paper as well while I move the scissors. If possible, cut the whole curved edge with one full “cut” without releasing the blades. I’m sorry I don’t know how to explain it better.

I’ve never used the eyelets before and am confused by your photos. Does each piece of the fan have an eyelet or just the ones at the front? Please help. My sister has given me the job of making them and I need to know how many to tell her to buy. Thanks

Hi Aylee -

Would metallic paper work for this? I have the same printer as you (MP450) and since I can’t find any 110lb coloured cardstock, I figured I could give the 105lb a whirl. Do you have any past experiences using the metallic paper with your printer?

BTW..I LOOOOOVE YOUR WORK!!! You are sooo kind to share all this info with the public.


Just thought you might want to know…I found a 111lb cardstock (cover, not index) with various colors.

Here’s the site…hope this helps!!

What a great site! I am also looking for a template to make the one panel (wooden stick) fan. Where can I get it?

Best regards,
DIY Bride on a Budget

Hi Sasha… Thank you so much for the link. I haven’t used metallic paper on my personal printer since it’s inkjet and the ink doesn’t adhere to it well. I have been having difficulty with the 110lb with my HP printer with feeder in the front. I never had problems with my Canon one that has the feeder in the back.

Hi Aylee,
Like everyone else I’m trying to save money with doing my own programs. I have also tried to download your template for the fans but have been unsuccessful. Would you mind sending it to me. Also, would you have any templates for the scalloped edge fans or any ideas on how to do it. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks for all your help in advance. I almost forgot to leave you my

Check out this attachment for designing custom monograms and free fonts. It’s extremely helpful!

Hope people enjoy!

I was wondering if you knew where you could buy bright pink and orange cardstock that would be sturdy enough to be made into the programs. I am doing gerebra daisies for my wedding in fuschia and tangerine and I can’t seem to find any cardstocks that are heavier than 65 lb that would match our wedding colors. Thanks.

Hi Susie… Sasha found some coverstocks at lcipaper: You can also check your local paper store or printshop. If you’re in NY, Paper Presentation has some. I’m not sure if they have your color though.

I am trying to download the template and it will not let me! An error keeps occuring. Can someone email me the template?

Thanks so much

Just an FYI -

If you want samples of the 111lb paper from LCIPaper, they will charge you a nominal fee. But the manufacturers of this paper is called GMUND ( will send you samples of their paper for FREE!!!

I found extra long eyelets that will work with the 1/8″ eyelet tool (or crop-a-dile, as aylee has works great!!!).

Here’s the link:

They are great there…they initially charged me $15 for shipping to Canada. After they shipped it, they refunded me the portion of the $15 that wasn’t used for shipping costs.

Hope this helps!!!

Hi Aylee,

Thanks again for all the information on how to make the programs. There used to be examples of fonts that you use at the beginning of the webpage but I think you must have taken them off. I was wondering if I could get you to e-mail me the names of those fonts. I would really appreciate.



Hi Aylee,

I’ve been trying to add an image to the bottom curve of the program but every time I put the image in the spot, the two lines for the bottom of the curve move out of the way. I put the image in the behind the text mode before trying to put it in but it still didn’t work. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


I was wondering how I download the templates for the fan. I am not able to do it because it is wanting me to provide proper credits. Any advice?

haha nevermind…I didn’t scroll down on word. I found it.

Hi Aylee,
I just recently got engaged and we’re having the wedding very soon. I love your work and have read all the comments. I see you have very happy customers. I was actually trying to see if the template could be email. Thanks a million!!!

Hi Aylee,
Like so many others before me, I am hoping that you have a template for the church fans that are on a stick. I would appreciate so much if you could email it to me! My address is . Thanks and have a great day!

I’m so sorry but I don’t have the template for the fan with a stick. I’ll probably cook up one later on and post it here.

I’ve now uploaded a template for the paddle fans at The template includes four different shapes you can choose from.

you are an excellent resource! I think I read through all the post, but I didn’t find anything about ribbons. Is it possible to use a ribbon instead? If so, will that make it impossible to maintain a “fanned”position? Or would it be best to use the longer eyelets and then add a ribbon. My program will be longer than 6 leaves.
thanks very much.

I am trying to make the fans on black paper with white ink. I am having a hard time finding 110 lb. coverstock in black. Do you know of anywhere I can find it or do you think 80 lb. coverstock would be ok? Thanks!

Janet… yes, you can use just the ribbon without the eyelet. I prefer the eyelet because the leaves are more attached to each other, less loose. If you’re using more than 6 leaves, you can try a brad or screwpost.

Nikki… I’m sorry I don’t know a place that sells black 110lb cover. Yes, you can use 80lb if you like. If you are diy’ing, remember that personal computers don’t print white. Some types of commercial printing do. If you are getting this printed, the printer/printshop might have the paper you need.

Hi Aylee,

I love your fans! Is there anyway I can send to you to be made? How much do you charge? I can work on the wording, but I am afraid I won’t be able to cut perfect lines.
Thank your for this great free resource!!! You are amazing!!!

Thanks for answering so quickly! I will check the print shop and see if they have any answers. Thanks again!

Could you sed me a copy of the template with the lines to cut around it –

Thanks- Erika

I read earlier that that they were having a hard time making the fans move. They said what size eyelet worked better but i can’t remember. Can you help me?

Hi Temeke… get the 3/16″ eyelets with longer shanks. You can buy some at the super store at If you are in NY, I like the ones they have at Paper Presentation on 18th St.

thanks for your fast reply!

Hi. This is some advice for printing on cardstock. Print out your design on regular copy paper and then USE A COPIER (if you have access to one at work or wherever) to copy your design onto cardstock. This saves your ink and all the trouble with heavyweight paper. and thank you Aylee!!!

Can anyone send me the template with the lines. I can’t seem to get mine to work. Thanks so much …its actually driving me

Hi Aylee,
Am having a fall themed wedding and would like to use leaf-shaped eyelets. However, I can only find them in the 1/8 size. Would this size turn out ok? Or maybe you know of a place where I can get the leaf eyelets in 3/16?

Thank you for posting this, btw! You are awesome! :)


I love these, and would love to have you make them for me… but as you are too busy I will have to DI-myself. ;) I’m trying to make a dotted border around the edge w/o losing the original thin outline which I’ll obviously need for cutting purposes. Any idea how to make two borders? I guess I could make another smaller fan shape inside the original, but I’m not sure how you made the first one! I’d appreciate any help if you have the time. Thanks!

nevermind! i copied and pasted the original template and made it a teeny bit smaller, and voila polka dot border

I also would like to try the Program Fan for my daughters wedding June 14, 2008. Such a great idea. Im having problems downloading. I get the message Please provide proper credits. Could some please email both the paddle and the fan program template. Im not sure which I will do. I really like the fan.
Please email to
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

I love these templates. I am trying the paddle fan and there is just one line that is not printing, could you help me with this?
Thanks again for these, they are great!

I am having trouble downloading the large fan template. Is there a way someone can email it to me? Thanks for the help. Carmen

Anybody know where I can find the beautiful floral accents on the above fans..I have been trying to find something similiar or any scrolling..but I can’t find anything I can download or copy.

Anybody know where I can find the beautiful floral accents on the above white fans..I have been trying to find something similiar or any scrolling..but I can’t find anything I can download or copy.

Aylee, When I print the templates the margins are too close to the edge and it is not printing the soft lines for cutting. Do you have a template where you have inverted the middle to ensure all three fit and can be printed with the template lines? I am worried about missing the lines on the corners….

Hi Aylee,

I started making the programs but I’m having trouble making the programs actually open up into a fan. I used 6 leafs of 110lb cardstock and a 3/16th eyelet but its too tight. Is there a 3/16th eyelet that is especially longer. I looked on to find the ones you say are 3/16th eyelet with longer shanks but I can’t seem to find them. Please help! I’ve already printed all the programs so I can’t turn back now.


Instead of using an eyelet use what is called a brad. You will be able to open and close the fan. you can find pretty ones at any craft store and they only cost $3-4 for about 50 of them. The only tool required is a hole punch that you can get at any supply store. You can also tie a ribbon through the hole instead. hope this helped!

Hi Michelle… I do have a template with 4 leaves in one page (2 are inverted). However, I don’t have the template in Word, only in ait format. If you need the template, let me know. However, the template is not free.

Hi Nancie… April is right, you can use a brad. If you want to use an eyelet, enter 3/16 eyelet in Search at I think someone here mentioned another place where you can buy them. If you are in New York, I highly recommend the eyelets at Paper Presentation on 18th St. They bend a lot better than any other eyelets I’ve used.

Where can I purchase 110lb cardstock???


I’ve looked on for the long shank eyelets, but am having a difficult time finding ones with the long shank. As aylee suggested on March 10th, I performed a search for 3/16 eyelet in the superstore, but don’t see any long shanks. Can anyone provide any guidance? Thanks in advance!

My daughter would like to use the fan idea for her wedding in September – do you know if there is a die for the Ellison machine? Or any other die cut? The cutting seems so time-consuming!

For the eyelets, I purchased mine of e-bay for an excellent deal. I believe I paid less than $10 for 150 and they were shipped to my home.

These fan programs are great! Can you please send me the larger fan template and the paddle template to since I’m unable to download.

Just want to say how amazing your talent and work is… could you please email me the template. My computer does not seem to allow me to open in with Microsoft Works.
Attitude2love at aol dot com


Just want to say how amazing your talent and work is… could you please email me the template. My computer does not seem to allow me to open in with Microsoft Works.

Attitude2love at aol dot com


I’ve found long shank eyelets, but they don’t work with the eyelet setter I have (a simple punch tool that resembles a single hole punch). Does anyone know if the Crop-A-Dile will work with long shank eyelets? And if not, can you recommend a tool that will? Thanks!

Hi Nadia… the Crop-A-Dile works with the eyelets that I use. I’m not sure if there are any eyelets with longer shanks than the one I use though.

Hello Aylee,

I just love your ideas. I am in the process of designing my sisters fans and I would like to know what 2 font styles did you use on your fans that are lying on the pink paper? Also, can you tell me where I can go and find “FREE” designs to place on the botom and top of the fans?

Thank you again for sharing your ideas and may God bless you richly!!!


I have put all of the leaves together however, I was wondering if I laminated them would they look more “professional” your thoughts???

You are wonderful!

when I click on the larger template I get the 7 1/4 ” template but can’t find the 7 1/2″ one. what am I doing wrong?

I was wondering about putting the cardstock through the printer. I now fear my printer will not be able to handle the cardstock. Any suggestions? I just bought a new all-in-one and printed my invites successfully.

You could possibly print the initial template on plain white paper and bring it to a print shop to have them “copy” it onto the cardstock. It’s really not that expensive, especially if you bring your own paper and if you’re printing in black ink. Much faster, too!

First I want to thank you for giving out your template for free but I am wondering if the blades of the fan are attached on the back side of the program to keep the fan shape? Is there a way that you can send me a sample you have lying around of a blank one or something of that nature so I can get a hands on feel for making the programs? Can I pay you for the sample? If so how much? Thanks again! Megan

i am trying to download the large template and i cant seem to get it..could someone email it to me??


What is your cost to do this for me I need 175 programs

On its way Cherish!

Can you email it to me as well Karla.

Have you done this before? can i see the format you use for yours

Hello Aylee,

How do I get a copy of the floral accents on top and bottom of the white fan.

How much do you charge for the fans shown above, I need 100 fans.

Aylee, I paid for a sample of the program fan to be sent to me but have not recieved the program fan yet…Can you help me out and let me know the status of that?

Thank You soo much! Megan

Hi, Aylee my question is how much you charge for each fan. I think they are beautiful, my wedding is July 13, 2008 and I wanted to know how much in advance you need orders placed is there a number I can reach you at? thanks Kelli Barton

i love these. thanks for the template. i wanted to ask a question though… how far in do we make the hole for the eyelet?

I love these fans, I think they are so cute! I am going to try to make them but was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some cute designs like the ones here.

I just had my wedding on May 3rd and the program fans were a BIG hit! They took some time to do, but it saved me money and was so worth it in the end!! Thanks Aylee!!


I have some that I used on my fans if you want to check them out and see if you like any!

I too tried to download the larger template and it wont print anythin gbut blank… what am I doing wrong?
I have Word 2003


Christine,. that would be great! Thank you so much. do you want to email it to me or how can I see them?


I was wondering if I could also see your designs for the fans that you made. I’m having difficlties finding some nice ones.

Rachel & Caroline,

My email is Just shoot me an email and I will send you some of the designs that I used!



Great template!! As for the designs (clip arts and dingbats), how are you able to change the color of the designs?

Hello, I am making fans for my wedding on June 7th. We were having MAJOR problems cutting the blades out and then I had a great discovery…. we bougt an X-acto paper chopper with a laser guide! Best purchase ever!!! ($50 bucks at Office Max and Staples) I HIGHLY recommend using it on the straight edges. My fiance is chopping the straight edges and happy to help with his new “tool” and I cut the curved edges with those ergonomic reverse spring action scissors!! God sends! It is my “Take a penny, Leave a penny” contribution! =)

Hi! Just needing some help on downloading the large template. Could anyone help? Thanks!

I am having trouble with the template for the fan program. I downloaded the template and filled it all in, but when I print it, the sides are cut off. Is that because I am doing it on a Mac? I tried changing the margins, but that didn’t work, and I tried the smaller of the templates and it cut off the sides on that one too?! It there a way to fix it?

The sides are cut off? You mean the outline of the fan doesn’t show? If so, it may just be because your printer is low on ink, or because the outline is too light for you to see it. Try replacing your print cartridge or darkening the outline of the fan.

Mine were losing the very sides as well. I tried to adjust margins to no avail. What I di was to reforma the design and have 2 fans per page, instead of 3. This way my program is 4 pages total. The 3/16th eyelet works perfect and doesn’t bunch at the bottom. Hope this helps :-)

Hi Aylee, what a wonderful source of help and info this is! I am just wondering how you were able to print the white ink on the darker blue paper (as you did with the white circle & the letter r)? Is it a sticker?


Hi Aylee,
This site is great! I have 2 questions. 1) the 3/16 eyelet that you suggest to get at–the website doesn’t say that they have longer shanks; do you think they’ll still work at fanning out 6 pages in a fan? if not, do you know where i can longer shanks? 2) do you know how to print light ink on darker cardstock, without going to a commercial printer? i’ve heard that it’s not possible.

Thanks so much–especially for sharing this template so generously!



I agree, I love these fans.
Thank you Aylee for your generousity.

I found the longer 3/16 eyelets at Paperzone…here in Washington State…by We are Memory Keepers. They work great with 5 leaves of 120 lb/100 lb (I used 2 colors)…my only issue is the fans still seem kind of flimsy. A guy at Office Depot said to use “mastics”????

Any advice would be appreciated.


I am having some major problems downloading this template…it took me about 20 minutes just figure out how to open the thing haha…now that i have it opened there’s no outline, the only thing that shows up is the text…what am I doing wrong?

thanks for the help!!

You should be able to scroll down from the text – the template is on the second page.

I am having some major problems downloading this template…it took me about 20 minutes just figure out how to open the thing haha…now that i have it opened there’s no outline, the only thing that shows up is the text…what am I doing wrong?

thanks for the help!!
my email is

how did you get the beautiful designs…are those clipart?

Hi Alyee,
I made these for my daughters wedding designing my own template and design. They came out great. A friend asked me to do them for their daughters wedding also. I attached a lace material through the eyelet and put their picture on the front. I would love to send you some pictures. I enjoyed makeing them so much I have decided to make these for other brides. I see you have more requests than you can handle and was hoping you could let other brides know I would be happy to make them for them. I couldn’t email through your site so I am hoping you read this. Please email me at Thanks

Great site! I was hoping to get a template emailed when you have a chance?

Thank you!

I am looking for the longer shank eyelets, do you know where I can find them? I know Julie asked this earlier, but I didn’t see an answer. I have seen a ton of 3/16 eyelets, but none say they have the longer shanks. I don’t want to buy 100 of them and have them not work. I am getting married in 3 weeks and I can’t mess this up!! Thanks for any help!

hello aylee,

I really like the 65lb Parchment but i couldnt find it in the 110. so i went and got it and print the programs. can i still use the 3/16 eyelets.

Hi Aylee
I purchased the 110lb paper on ebay and made one moch-up of one fan. And the paper feels really flimsy, is this the way its supposed to be? Who knows maybe the person who sold the paper to me was lieing about the gauge of paper.
Are yours heavier or still pretty thin?
Thanks again. Love your work.
Ciao Bella.

I had the same problem and found the mastic that I talked about above but found that placing the eyelet a little higher worked really well.

I think this is a good idea. Thanks you saved me money I didnt have.

I am using your template for the paddle fan, but am having problems printing. I’m trying to two side the template but the sizes are not matching. Any suggestions on how to print two sided?

Hi…I am having trouble downloading the large template. The pages are blank. Is there a trick or could someone please email it to me?



I tried your link to Aylee designs, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Are you still selling these fans? If so, can you tell me how much they are?


I’m trying to do the larger template and can’t seem to get it to download and open right. Can someone please help me??

Thank you so much for posting the template. I have question – how do
I make the lines not visiable when I print them?

This site has the eyelets even up to 1/4”

I am trying to get on your website link to have it made through you and it only goes to your main page and doesn’t let me go any further. If you could help me that would be great.
Thank you

Hi, how much do you charge to make these?

I purchased 110lb cardstock from staples and did a mock program and its still kind of flimsy. Do your programs move when you are done. Also, I had to do 5 leaves instead of 6 because the 6th leaf would not fit into the 3/16″ eyelet. Also, its very hard to move around the 5 leaves and the last leaf, if the program is moved too much, looks as though it wants to rip away. Help!

Also, I asked someone in michaels about “longer shanks” eyelets and they had no idea what I was talking about and showed me the regular eyelets. Is there such a thing as longer shanks eyelets. If so exactly where do I purchase them. I live in florida. thank you.

Never mind as to the long shanks eyelets. I found them on as someone suggested. I still have a question regarding the paper. Do yours stand up solid. I just need to know if this is the way the fans are suppose to be. I used the 110lb cardstock. Staples couldnt tell me if it was cardstock cover or index. They said they never heard of index. Not sure which one it is, but its still a little flimsy. I was trying to find your email, but I could not seem to locate it anywhere. Thanks.

my email is thanks.

Hi VG, I’ve been to a few Staples and I don’t think they have 110lb coverstock. Their cardstock is usually index. The 110lb coverstock is not very sturdy but a lot better than index. You can buy 110lb cover from or click on the link above under Recommended. Eyelets are also available at the superstore at If you are in NY, I like the ones they have at Paper Presentation on 18th St.

Hi Aylee,

I have a question. On your template, I want to insert some graphics, and I want to have them sort of bleed off the edge of the fan. So, I want half of the graphic to show, and the other half to be cut off. However, I can’t seem to make the half that hangs off the edge disappear. It still shows on the paper. This is ok, since I’m cutting it off anyway when I cut out the fan blades, but I’m having trouble with it running into the next fan blade on the page. Is there a way to make it just fill in the fan blade and not go outside? Am I making sense?


Hi, could you please email me the template with lines?
hilla12 at yahoo dot com

Can you please email me the fan template. I cannot open it with works and I cannot access your website from work to download there.

just some help, for the person wondering about making the fan lines invisable so that they do not print, just click on the object (fans) at the very top so that you do not click on the text box, then go to Format, from there go to object, then to lighten the outline just click on the lines – color – white, that will take it away. I did this too because I made a cutting templete for them and didnt want any of the lines to show just in case my cutting was not exact, also because I am using the corner adorner and they do not have the save curve as the lines on the fan. Good luck, this is fun and awesome of Aylee to do have this site for everyone.
The eyelets with the long shank are sold at the fairlady place mentioned above, oh and for those of you that seem to be getting just the text where Aylee has on the first page, just scroll down and the rest of it is there.
Oh and someone asked how she printed the Letter on the black page, I’m pretty sure thats a sticker. But I was thinking something. I may use a punch and punch out the middle of the first page, like the black one, and let the bride and grooms name show through. Wonder if that would look nice.
Thanks Aylee!

One last thing, those of you that are not getting the full printing of the fans, where the corners are not printing, this is because your printer either does not have or needs to be set on borderless.

What a fun idea!!!

Hi Aylee,
I love these fans. I know you can make them for brides, but where do I go to find that information? I tried to go to the Aylee Designs page but it only stays on the intro page. Also, how many weeks in advance do you need before the wedding?

Hi Aylee,
I love the fans. I never thought about making them this way!! I was wondering if you could email me the template. ( I tried opening it but it wouldn’t let me. Thank you!!

Oh my gosh! I LOVE these!

Thank you so much for posting them for everyone. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I can’t seem to get either the first or the second template to open. I’d love to see both to compare them. Could you please email them to me (or fix the link)? I know you’re probably really busy but I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!!

Can you please send me the template with the lines.
I tried to download templates but it would not work for me.


How do I find a quote for having you make the fans? I tried to go to the website link, but it wouldn’t work for me. I would need around 200 fans, 5 pages each.
Thank you so much!


I’ve been thinking about creating these for a few months now. The problem is I don’t know where I can locate dark purple 110lb card stock. Also, I’ve been reading other comments and it seems that they will still come out flimsy. Does anyone know how we can make them sturdy?

Thank you for sharing your templates. Since I’m having a small destination wedding. I am planning to do a total DIY wedding when it comes to all paper products. But now I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. How do I get a quote for your services? I tried the link to the website but it didn’t work. I need 50 programs with 5 pages each. Thanks!

Can you please contact me via my email to discuss a quote for making our programs please? Thanks.

Can you please send me the template for the fan. My daughter has assigned this project to me and I would like to get started as soon as possible. Thank you

Hi…we love these programs! Can you please send me the template? Or can you give me a price for you to make them? Thanks!

I love the fan program, can you please send me a price list via email. Can you also send me the template so I can let my wedding coordinator look at it.
Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Thank you for sending the template so quickly. However, it will not print. I sthere something special I need to do or save it in a particular format?

I love your DIY fan programs but when I print them out the fan border for cutting is not around the text. Can you send me the templat that has the borders outlined so they print out in WORD.

Hi there, I was wondering if you could contact me to discuss making a fan template for me. I tried to email you through your contact info but it does not work. Thanks so much!


I tried to download the template for the large fan program. Actually for both and all it did was downlad a text document. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. My daughter’s getting married soon and loves these programs. HELP!

Hi Ellen… they’re both text, actually Word docs. Each file has more than 1 page. The first page is info regarding the template and rights. The next pages contain the templates.

Hi Aylee,

I’m interested in purchasing 175 from you, but the link to your website doesn’t seem to be working.

Could you please provide me with a quote?

Thanks so much!

[...] to start planning until 2 months prior! This is the link to the template and the instructions: DIY: Fan Programs – Aylee Bits __________________ Carla & Terry ~ April 9, [...]


Thanks so much for this easy to understand tutorial!!! I made these for my wedding and they were a HUGE hit! 7 months later and I’m STILL hearing about them! You’re the best!


Aylee…. you are amazing. Just wanted you to know!!!

Hi Aylee,

Can you give me a quote on doing 215 programs? My daughter’s wedding is in June and we thought we might do these ourselves but I am having second thoughts about that. Thanks for your quick reply.

I would like these for my wedding. How much would you charge to make 280 of the fan programs (6 pages each)? Also, my wedding is April 11. Would you have time to get them done? Thanks!


I would love to discuss the possibility of you making these fans for our wedding. Please contact me at the email address provided to post this message. I look forward to hearing from you!

I would love for you to make these for my daughter’s wedding on May 16, 2009. Could you please contact me with ordering information?

Thank you so much for this template! Could you recommend a site where to get cheap brads/screw posts? I’m having 9 blades using 110lb cardstock. Thanks so much!

I downloaded the template but I cannot change anything on it becuase it said the document is locked! Can anyone let me know what I’m doing wrong?

How much do you charge to make these fans? They are absolutely beautiful.

Hi Aylee!! Your designs are beautiful! I would be interested in having you make these fans for my wedding. Do you also do tissue pouches? Could you please email me with prices? Thanks~ Shawnna

Hi Aylee! I’d be interested to find out the logistics of purchasing a set of these programs for me to be used at my June 20th, 2009 wedding. Thanks much for any info you can provide!

[...] by Aylee Designs. Here are the instructions for the fan wedding program. Before you attempt it, please read the comments below the instructions for some helpful [...]

I have the same request as everyone else I suppose – I am curious what your costs are to make these fans. They are a necessity for my July garden wedding!

Hi Aylee, Just want to say that your templates are amazing, thankyou for sharing them!

I have a problem though. When I print, the lines at the top curves of the far left and right fan go over the edge – so when it prints, the soft corner lines don’t appear on the paper.
The first time I printed on normal paper, all 3 fans appeared with the lines perfectly.
Now for some reason whether I print on normal paper or card stock/metallic… it always cuts the corner edges off.

Do you have any template where all 3 fans+lines fit on an A4 page? Feel free to email me.

We were going to place an order, but you are not taking any right now. My prayers go out to you for improved health. I am going to do a test fan today, I hope it comes out well. Thanks so much for including directions on your site. You ROCK:)


I had a friend design some program fans for me and they look great. The cutting was not as terrible as I thought it would be. Our only problem is getting the fan to actually fan out after the eyelet is set. We are using 110lb stock and we are using the 3/16 eyelet. In some of your earlier blog statements, that is what you recommend. Do you know what could be the problem? We are very confused.


Do you still make the program fans? If so what is the cost? Thank you soooo much!

I am wondering if you have to us 3/16″ eyelets or if you can use 1/8″ eyelets. I have my fan laid out how I want it and it is 5 pages.


Hi Emily… I’m afraid the 1/8″ eyelets may be too small if you use five 110lb (300gsm) coverstock. The long 3/16″ ones are just right. If you can’t find long 3/16″ eyelets, you can opt to use a brad or a ribbon to attach them together.

Hi Aylee:

I pray that your health picks back up soon. I noticed that you are not taking orders at this time. Your designs for your fan programs are awesome and my church would like to use them for a conference we are having (instead of a wedding) Please e-mail me as soon as your are up and running again we would love to order them or get further information on how to make them. Preferably order them from you.

Be blessed. Lichole

Hi, I am interesred in Fan Programs for my wedding in August. I saw your idea and loved them. Can you send my a “How to do” or something so I can try to make them? Or do you take orders?

Hi Aylee, I downloaded the template and typed the text and attached my graphics to the fans but I am having a hard time printing the fans I am using Microsoft Word program 2007 (Vista) I have an HP officejet 5600 series printer. When I try to print the completed project, I get an error message saying that the margins are outside of the printable area. How do I fix this? Can you or someone else email me the fans so that I can do it over. Please my wedding is in a couple of weeks!!! Here is my email address…


Hi Aylee!!

I absolutely love your programs!!!! However, I cannot get the link for the template to work!

Can you please email it to me?

THANK YOU!!! Can’t wait to attempt to make these!

Hi Tammie… just click Yes (“Do you want to continue?”) when the error message pops up.

Hi Aylee, I did and that doesnt work any other suggestions? Would emailing the fan to me work by chance?


Hi Aylee, it worked thanks!!!


Hello Aylee!!

I love the fan programs!!!! I found them on another website and I know its going to be expensive, but I found your link. However, I cannot get the link for the template to work!

Can you please email it to me?

Hi Aylee!!

I have been searching for the decorative bar you have at the top of your sample but can’t seem to find anything like that. The ones I have found are too fat and I just want a thin one. I looked on the website and did not find what I wanted. I just thought I’d ask you if you have it and if it was free.



When I download the template it is rectangular not fan shaped templates. Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know. Thanks!

okay I dont know what I am doing wrong here! Please help! I downloaded the template and it is LOCKED it wont let me change the information to my own. What am I doing wrong its saying it is Locked How do I get it unlocked. Or How do I get my own info on them???? Please help!
Email if you have any ideas!
Thank you so much!
Im using microsoft word if that means anything on windows xp!
thanks again!

oh I ment windows vista sorry!

Is there a thicker paper than 110 lb cover stock? Because it seems as if people are still having problems with their fans being flimsy. Have you ever used a heavier pound paper? I just wanna know before I order my paper online…thanks!!

Good Morning! I am SUPER interested in doing this. My only concern is the printing on dark purple paper. Also I am interested in the style in the pictures above. Could you help with that template! This is such a super awesome idea and you are a wonderful person to share this idea! Also what do you think about using 80lb dark purple on the back of 110lb gold/champagne if the printing doesnt work on the purple? Would 5 blades fit on the 3/16″ eyelet? Thanks ever so much for your help on this wonderful idea!

A pre-designed fan template is now available for purchase. Go to for more info.

Hi, I am looking for the colored cover stock, but the site that was listed doesn’t have my color. I need a royal purple color. Does anyone know of anywhere near Portland, OR or online?

Cassandra, I am looking for the same color… I have found a few just by browsing on the net but only up to 80lbs. Good Luck and let me know if you find heavier paper… Just browse thru google.

Okay, I found 90 lb. cardstock at a warehouse store near where I live, but is this good enough? Or does it have to be 110 lb? What is close enough? I already have white 110lb. cover for the middle leaves. I’m doing the design with the colored leaves on the outer edges.

Susan, I found 105 lb. cardstock in a couple different purples on, but it’s metallic. Here’s the link: I’ve ordered samples to see if any of them are the right color for me, so you might try doing that too. This is the closest I’ve found and I’ve looked a lot. Hope it helps you.

Thanks so much Cassandra for filling me in on that… You are awesome!

Ok ya’ll I NEED HELP!

I have 3/16 eyelets but they are too short. I see that there are websites you have found some with extra long shanks, but when I look at the sites none of them say they are extra long! HELP… where do I find extra long?!!?!?!?


Okay, I click where it says download template and it gives me this jumbled file with letters all over the place. No template. Is there another way to get that template? I’m for doing it myself I just need help downloading the template. Or if anyone has it that would be willing to email me, I’d appreciate it. I need to see if I can even download it to see if I can add text. Do I need a certain program to be able to download it and see it? Maybe that’s the problem. Thanks. I’m desperately trying to get these done.

Hi! Can someone email me the template? I am getting hitched in July. I am going to send the programs to my family in California, since they would like to help.


I have beening trying to print the large fan program on 8.5 x 11 paper but it always cuts the corners and part of the sides off. I have margin set at .2″ on both margins. Can you help me get all three on one page with all lines printing. Thanks

I purchased your template but I’m not sure if your still selling them because you have removed your contact info from the site. Please forward me the template or refund my $10 through paypal. ( Thank you Aylee.


Hi Deidre… I sent the template to the email used in the Paypal transaction ( yesterday on the day you sent payment at 5:49pm. Please check your spam folder if not in your inbox. If you want to contact me, you can use the contact form on this blog by clicking “CONTACT” on the top menu.

I love this idea! I bought the paper and am trying to find extra long eyelets. Can someone tell me where I can find them? Thank you!

Hi Aylee,
First off i just want to comment on what an awesome job you do with these fans :)
Aswell i have downloaded the “larger basic template” into my MS Word document & the 1st and 3rd fans are cut off when i print them ( the outline of them have “gaps with no line”;possibly too big? ) I was just wondering what i could do to fix this problem?

Hi! These are beautiful and suits my wedding perfectly!
I was just wondering what font/dingbat was used to make the bottom embellishment (where they attach), and what font was used for the address “Coral Gables Congregational church… etc”?
That would help soooo much!! Thank you! :)

Hello! These are beautiful and I wanted to see what the cost would be for you to do 150 for July 11th. I noticed your website says you are on medical leave and I just wanted to check to see if the project was at all feasible for you. Hope you’re feeling better!

[...] 09/06/2009 · No Comments For anyone thinking about DIY wedding program fans, here is an excellent link! [...]

Enter the DIY program fan kit + template giveaway at The kit includes pre-cut fan leaves so you don’t have to cut! The winner will also get a pre-designed template from me. Enter now! Contest ends 6/19.

I just found 110 card stock in a variety of colors at Staples.
it is 14.99 for 250 sheets

I too am having the same problem as another post…the last template gets cut off when printing…shows up fine in the template, but the preview and actual print cuts off. I have even moved the tabs and margins to 0 can anyone tell me why this is happening?

I love your fan idea! My wedding is in July and I’ve been looking for the perfect program, but I’m have trouble downloading it. Can you please email it to me at Thanks so much!

Hobby Lobby has the 3/16 grommets….saw them in silver, black , and white.

[...] Fan by Aylee Bits [...]

[...] do the programs on a stick that served as a fan. So, like any good bride, I hit the internet. And this is what I found. I went to work and this is what I came up with. What do you [...]

Do you sell the perforated fan paper that you gave away in the contest? That would make the whole process soooo much easier for this DIY bride! Thanks!

[...] ceremony program fans (someone posted the idea here plus a DIY template link and I loved [...]

Hi Could you please send me a template for the fan – they are exsquisite!!
Thanking you in anticipation,

plz email fan to cheers

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. I am almost done designing my fan and am pretty happy so far. :)

Aylee, please help, I am attempting to create the fan programs. What is the best type of printer to print them on, my paper keeps curling up. I am using a commercial sized color digital printer.

Need to finish project by Tuesday.

Thank you.

Aylee, I really love your fan programs. I am trying to do my own but when I print the template the lines are not around the fans. Is there something that I am doing worng. Please help.

[...] DIY: Fan Programs – Aylee Bits [...]

Anyone used a cricut for these? If so what cartridge?

I can not seem to open the template . Can you email it to me?

hi..tnx for the guide

where did your friend get the photoshop brush of the peony? I have been looking forever for my cousin to find some!
Please let me know!

[...] 55. Fan (display) Wedding Programs (downloadable templates) 56. Fan (function) Wedding Programs Destination Wedding Save-the-Dates [...]

[...] Source [...]

I downloaded the template but when it printed there were no lines, is that something i can purchase from you? thanks for the help!


Hi Aylee,
I have my fans designed and all ready to be printed. I was wondering if you would give me a quote if you can print them and cut them for me. Date is June 26, 2010.


I want to make the fan ( and I brought the paper and crop-a-dile as you recommended. The only thing that is left to purchase are the eyelets. My fan will have eight pages and I am not sure what the length for my eyelet shaft should be, so that the sheets are not stuck or to stiff. Thanks for instructions to such a great design.

hi i want to make the program fans, but when i pull the template up on my computer the lines aren’t showing up?? can you please help or email it to me?? thanks!

Please Help!!
I can’t get the fan template to pull up.
Reading the other comments I’m afraid that when I do will it will not have the lines.
Can anyone help Me. Also any ideas on what to use for the eyelet to use for attaching 6 pages?

March 13, 2010
I’ve tried to ask these question on the area where you can go and order the scroll fan template and have as of yet to receive an answer. So… I’m going to try this avenue. ( I also checked my junk and spam mail and it was not in there)
I have a few questions on ordering the scroll fan template.
1. In the ordering it ask if you want it black or white or do you want to order color.
a. If I order a color does it mean what paper color, what scroll color and what ink color
b. Is there a charge for each item listed above
c. Daughters dress is ivory, wedding party dresses are fern green, burnt orange and chocolate
d. Her invitations are Ivory and chocolate Any Suggestions!!!!

2. How many templates will come with the purchase of the scroll fan?
a. One demo shows 6 fans and another show only four

3. If my daughter would like for you make these for her is this a possibility?
a. What would be the cost for making app. 100 fans with 4 blades and also a cost for 6 blades?
b. How much time would you need to make these?
c. Would this price quote include the cost of the scroll fan template

This is a great idea. I’m planning a summer wedding outdoors, so this will be very useful for my guests. I love when form follows function :)

These fans are so cute and I would love to use them for my daughter’s May wedding. I am able to download the templet how ever it shows to be a read only file and so I am unable to print them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I found these great American Tag eyelets on EBAY that have a long shank. They measure for a 3/16″ hole and the shank is 7/32″ long. I needed eyelets to fasten eigth pages of the recommended 110lb cover stock together. This eyelet holds up to 10 pages of the fan together. Now I will be able to add all the information that I feared leaving out. I am not to sure how the back of the eyelet should look when pressed down with my Crop-A-Dile II so for maximum strenght I will be using my fiance’s strenght to set eyelets. This is going to be gorgeous and give quite a lovely impression. Thank you so much Aylee for a stunning design!

Hi Aylee,
I downloaded your color fan template. I inserted my text on each petal and love the way they look. However, I can’t get them to print at all. I get page one of your word doc. but in print preview and when I try to print page two I just get a blank page instead of the petals I designed. . My mac 10.4.11 has Office X with Word X. Any suggestions of how I can get my petals to print? They look great on the monitor! My printer works fine with all my other Word docs. Any suggestions? Thank you!

[...] Source [...]

[...] Source [...]

Hi Aylee,
I love your designs. I’m doing the programs for my friend’s wedding and love the font combination you used on Alessandra’s fan programs. I have already found the script font but what is the name of the other font you use. Thank you!

Can you please let me know what the script font that Aylee used on Alessandrs’s fans.
And… once you get your answer from Aylee for the 2nd font name will you email it to me.
It would be really great if you felt comfortable emailing me your template with your fonts and designs. If you do here is my email address:
My daughter is getting married in June of this year and I’m stressing over what to use and where to put what. URGH!
Thanking you in advance Eugenia

I absolutely love your designs!! I went out and purchased Card Stock, but I’m not sure if it is Cover or Index. Are you familar with the Staples Card Stock? I just want to make sure it’s not too flimsy.


I just came across the idea of a fan program yesterday, and fell in love with it, since I will have an outdoor wedding in mid-July.

If anyone has any advice on how to get started, other than practice / trial & error / “the best options” since there are so many, I would appreciate it.

My best wishes to the person who would otherwise make these, as I see on the website that health reasons have prevented new orders…

I Love Love Love your Fans…..If you could please help by sending me the large template , i cant seem to find it

Please send me the large template also, I too can’t seem to find it.

I believe that Aylee sells the petals perforated so you can do them yourself but if she does not here is another website that has the same idea and sells the petals so you can print your own designs on them and punch them out. the downside is that it appears the paper only comes in two colors.

First of all I want to say I love your fans. My daughter is getting married and this is a great project to make. Also we are having a family reunion in three months and I was wondering if I can print photos on the templates. I wanted to place a photo of each child ( 5 children) on each panel with a short write up about them. I hope it will allow me to do this, if not at least I can start the fans for the wedding. Could you please send me the large and small panel templates. Can you please also send me the fan template with the handle. Maybe I can do the family reunion fan on those. Thanks

Just found white 110 card stock at walmart for $5.78 150 sheets

if anyone has the template for the large fans please email

First of all I want to say I love your fans. My daughter is getting married and this is a great project to make. Also we are having a family reunion in three months and I was wondering if I can print photos on the templates. I wanted to place a photo of each child ( 5 children) on each panel with a short write up about them. I hope it will allow me to do this, if not at least I can start the fans for the wedding. Could you please send me the large and small panel templates. Can you please also send me the fan template with the handle. Maybe I can do the family reunion fan on those. Thanks
I have not received the templates for the fans, can anyone email the templates for the panel fans and the fans with the handle. I would really like to start on the fans. Please email to Thank you!

[...] program fan which I have found the perfect link: Fan Program and I got the fan template from this link: Fan Template so Amy thank you for your offer but it doesn’t look I’ll need those ice cream sticks anytime [...]

Aylee I get married next year October and I am going to purchase from you the Passport Invitation. The only question I have is how do I put the gold on the passport if I am using a printer, or do I use a gold metallic pen to trace the lines? can you let me know, so that I would know what I would have to buy.

Hi Aylee!
I just stumbled across this site and I think these programs are lovely. They were exactly what I was looking for! I’m going to use them for my wedding in August. Thank you!


I can’t seem to print it the fan template, it does not format properly, it gets cut off. Is there a reason?

thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

Am I wrong here…..or is it possible to use brads besides the whole eyelet thing. i know brads are smaller but they do the same thing and they are less expensive and less of a hassle. you can even put a ribbon with it. also…besides cutting at angles and such with the templates can you do “rectangle” looking fans? Or would that not actually do the “fanning”

I am trying to make the fans, and I found the longer shank eyelets, but they seem to be too long… My fan has 5 leaves, and if I tighten it enough to keep it from moving too easily, the back of the eyelet collapses. Is this normal? Should I just get the regular sized eyelets? Please help, I am running out of time!

Hello, I was trying to download your free version of the fan wedding program and can not seem to see the outline. I was wondering If I could get the template sent via email, or if you have a solution to the problem that think might work. I thank you so much in advance.

Hi, I was wondering if you use stamps on your fans or is it all done on the computer. Thanks! Amanda

[...] make the programs, I used the Aylee Bits template which can be found here. My super helpful friend Nancy actually designed the panels for me in Word, using my favorite font [...]

[...] make the programs, I used the Aylee Bits template which can be found here. My super helpful friend Nancy actually designed the panels for me in Word, using my favorite font [...]

I am interested in doing the fan program for a wedding. I was searching the net and came across some perforated paper for the fan but i lost the site. Can you help

[...] Program #1 I found these wedding program fans over at Aylee Bits. These wedding programs are a wonderful idea that a bride can recreate herself. She will not only [...]

[...] found these wedding program fans over at Aylee Bits. These wedding programs are a wonderful idea that a bride can recreate herself. She will not only [...]

[...] It’s a popular trend to have your program double as a hand fan.  It’s thoughtful, functional, and saves money by serving a dual purpose. You can find this amazing DIY Template for a hand fan program and instructions courtesy of Aylee Bits. [...]

These look great, your guests will appreciate how much work was put in on these.

I love your site!! I’m wondering if you have this in a larger template and for Photoshop?? Hopefully you do. Thanks!!

[...] DIY: Fan Programs – Aylee BitsI LOVE your fan programs. I am going to attempt to DIY however I am very …… I am having trouble with the template for the fan program. … [...]

[...] + Gabarit gratuit d’un programme de mariage vintage à télécharger sur [...]

I paid the 10.00 to get the nicer paddle fan template and it still wont give it to me. My daughter is getting married in May and I was trying to help her. When I printed the free version the fan border didn’t print. Help what should I do

I love your fan programs. But when I click to download it they come out square and there is no 4th page like you stated above to add our own image.

am i doing something wrong?

Where is your company located and what is the delivery timeline. My wedding date is March 19, 2011

Love the look! My wedding is a destination wedding in December and I’d love for you to help me make my wedding programs. How can I get in touch with you?

[...] DIY: Fan Programs – Aylee BitsI LOVE your fan programs. I am going to attempt to DIY however I am very interested in having you create a monogram or two and perhaps help me with a design for the bottom of the fan where the eyelet goes. … I started making the programs but I’m having trouble making the programs actually open up into a fan. I used 6… [...]

I was wondering if you could just use a hole punch and ribbon if not is there a cheaper alternative than having to buy the eyelet puncher and eyelets?

thank you!

Hi Lorraine, yes you can definitely use a ribbon to tie the fan leaves together :)

@ Lorraine
You could also use brads instead of the eyelet puncher and eyes.
Go to for some really cute alternatives to regular brads. These are nice especially if you’re having a theme wedding. You could also check out your local craft store. Any office supply store will sell regular brads.

Thank you so much for this. We are getting married in Fiji and I want something a bit different for the programme and this is exactly what I wanted.

Really amazing.

My wedding is in a couple of months and the template will not download please help! if anyone can e-mail me the larger template with the cutting lines that would be amazing. Thank you.

I would love to use the template as well, but nothing will print??? Does anyone know how to get around this? I downloaded the larger template and have almost everything written in!


My wedding is exactly a week away. I would like to use the fan template above. When I downloaded the template, I could not add any of my program information. Is there anyway that I can edit the template so that I can add my ceremony information? I can not write anything in.

Any advice for printing double sided?
We need the end product in two languages.

Hello! thank you so much for your template. it was exactly what i was looking for and i was able to customize it to the wording i wanted. it was a great addition to my wedding

Hey! I LOVE these wedding programs! Is there a way you can email me the template? Do you need to purchase a machine to put the eyes in at the bottom? I’m getting married next June (2012) and I would LOVE to make these myself. And printing them–can you just use a regular printer or do you need something special? my email is I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me all of this information, instructions,etc. Thank you!!


I emailed you to let you know that the yellow I selected is printing a lot lighter. I wanted to know if you could change the color or if I have to repurchase the template. I still have not heard back.

Thank you so much for this template…had a hard time in choosing my design for the invitation!glad i found this :-)

Hi, thank you very much for this template!! I would like to know if somebody used a corner rounder punch to facilitate the cuts??

I bought the template that you have posted on here,but have not received the template. Hope you see this :)

Thank you ever so for you post.Thanks Again. Great.

Thank you SOOOO much. Used these for my wedding and 3 people told me they were taking them home because they had your address on it!

I downloaded the template and i’m not getting the cut lines. I’m I missing something? Help please.

Hi.. i have one concern about this program. I love it but would the eyelet stop it from opening and closing?? Can you let me know soon because i really would like to use this idea for my wedding programs

So I’ve got everything printed cut and hole punched but my eyelets will not hold them together. I’m using the 3/16 eyelet and a Crop-A-Dile but they won’t stay around the last page. What can I do?


I am interested in using this template for my programs. Can someone please email me the template with the outline on it?


Need to know when you ordered the eylets with the longer shanks where they still 3/16 or did you get 3/8? I went to that website and did not find the eylets that where #2 in 3/16.


purchased a template… and still have not recieved my download.. hope you see this thanks

Hi Elisabeth, thank you for letting me know. I have re-sent the template.

Made these and Love them! Thanx!! PS…do you want a pic of them. I didn’t use the eyelets, just ribbon tied at the base, worked fine!

Hi Aylee,
I just ordered the colored template for $15 but wanted to make sure once you get the payment that you send it to my current email address I’ve listed above instead of my PayPal address which is discontinued.

Hi Mrs. Aylee,
I am trying to get in touch with you about finding out how much you would charge to do the fans. Or if you could assist me in doing them myself.
In desperate need of your help!!!!

Hello Aylee,
I am interested in using your fans for my wedding that is coming up in July 2012, I wanted to know the exact instructions on how to do it could you please email them to me? I also wanted to know does an eyelet go on each fan petal or just to hold the entire program together? Please advise at your convenience, thanks!

I LOVE THE TEMPLATES! I’ve printed on the paper and I’m ready to start cutting for my upcoming wedding. I have 200 guest so it’s going to be a tedious process, but I think I can do it. Any last minute hints to help me out? I pick up my copies on Monday and then I’m off. I have the eyelet machine you suggested, the eyelets, and some little bling to set the fans off. Thanks for the template and all you did to help us DIY Brides save money…

[...] voit déjà mourir de chaud au soleil.Voici donc un joli programme à  faire, trouvé sur le site AYLEEBITS.COM.Le tutoriel est très bien expliqué et sa créatrice vous donne même le template Word à modifier [...]

great stuff !

When i print the fans out, parts of the fans were cut off. Can someone please email me and tell he how to fix this problem?

Hi i cant get the template to down load please help my wedding is in a week!!


I really love your pre-designed fan program and am contemplating purchasing a copy! I am a bit overwhelmed with the colour selection though and was wondering which colour hex code you would recommend for “Eggplant”?

An email back would be much appreciated :)


I was wondering what colors you used on the petal fan displayed in the picture? I love it and want it exactly like that one. :)

Im thankful for the post.Really thank you! Will read on…

[...] Bits makes fan programs for a fee but also has a free download for those that want to try the project themselves. She also [...]

[...] (see above, re: outrageous wedding prices), I started looking around for some guidance and found it here. There were instructions, recommended tools and paper types, and most importantly: a [...]

Looking to buy perforated card stock for fan style wedding program, but don’t know where to order it from. Need help it is urgent.

[...] Order of service fans (I made these for my wedding too) with templates – click here [...]

I would love to have the fan template sent to me…..

hello love the program fan can you email the template for it thanks.

[...] appeal to me, so I started google-ing wedding programs and came across some wedding fans I really did [...]

I am loving this template! Thank you so much for coming out with this! The only problem I am running into is when I am trying to print it. The top edges are getting cut off on the sides of the paper. Is there a solution to this problem? Do I need to change my printing settings or something? Thank you so much!!!! =)

I was just wondering if there was a difference between cover stock and card stock? I’m getting married at the end of the month. I have the fan already designed, but I’m not sure about the supplies. I found 110 lb card stock but is it the same as cover stock?

Hi Carla. Cardstock is lighter than coverstock. So 110lb of cover stock is approximately equivalent to 170lb of cardstock.

[...] 7. Fan Programs for Your Wedding from Aylee Bits [...]

i need this for my wedding can you please email me the template

My eyelet doesn’t allow the fan to open. Help! What did I do wrong?

I’m also unable to download the template …. Can someone please put the link here so I can try again? Thanks

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Hi Aylee

I’m getting married in August and would love to do this for the wedding since the church doesn’t have fans. My wedding colors are purple(Regency which is a dark purple) & ivory. I’m having a hard time finding purple in the 110lb paper do you have any suggestions where I can get the paper from? And also how did you cut the paper so nicely?? Thanks in advance!!!


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[...] scissors, cover stock, and some eyelets and eyelet-setter tools. Photo credit and tutorial found here. These are just a few ways to add some personal touches to your wedding if you like to be [...]

Hello! I love the fans, I would like the gold color that is on your pictures but I have no clue what the hex code is. If you could send me them that would be wonderful!

[...] a fake crafty person. As soon as I’m done, I’ll post how I made them.  (Spoiler alert: AyleeBits has a great tutorial and templates for [...]

[...] bad for a fake crafty person. As soon as I’m done, I’ll post how I made them. (Spoiler alert: AyleeBits has a great tutorial and templates for [...]

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Hi there!
I bought your program fan template with a custom colour on February 23rd and still haven’t received the template yet. Just wondering when it’s going to be emailed to me!



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